Beware When Young Woke People Discover the Pedos

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Beware When Young Woke People Discover the Pedos

This opening post is for Jon.

Hey Jon!

You around?

I have a treat for you.

But first, let me set the table. This is a continuation of a post I made in the Walk Away section (see here).

In fact, let me copy the post:

9 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Here's another young one, "Hey Jude Rose," coming out and making a huge splash on the Internet right now.

I don't think she is part of Walk Away, but her video is short and I believe this thread is a great place for it.

NOTE: The following is a screenshot. It will take you to the Twitter post where you can watch the TikTok video safely. When I embedded the tweet here and clicked on the video, it opened in Twitter rather than played the video, then played the video over on Twitter in a weird manner. After that, I could no longer access OL.

This is not dangerous, but it's a damn nuisance. The fucking program dropped some bug or other in my cache that redirected my efforts to get on OL to a Gateway Denial page. I cleaned my browser's cache and all was well. 

Anyway, TikTok will not take down Twitter nor your access to it, so click the image below and it will load the tweet as a tweet. Once you click on the video, it will work as a Twitter video, not as an OL video going to Twitter.

It is well worth watching.


Elsewhere, she mentioned she had 700 followers on Twitter when she made that video a couple of days ago. Now she has over 21,000 and is going nuts with all the good vibes she is getting.

There are many people who are going to hate what is coming from her and those like her. I suspect it's going to be a tidal wave. She got un-woke looking at the pedophile stuff around Hillary Clinton.

So what turned her from a flaming angry woke leftie to a MAGA person of the Q persuasion from one day to the next?

I had to do some digging and came across this tweet.

I believe this is the young man she said she had been stalking and trolling until she finally watched this video.

(That is an embedded tweet, not a screenshot, and the video in it is safe to watch here on OL since it is on YouTube, not TikTok.)

I decided to watch some of this video--the damn thing is about two and a half hours long, but soon I was cracking up.

A young black man who calls himself Young Pharoah went after Hillary Clinton hard. He went into PizzaGate and everything.

He did it with the outlandish style of a belligerent shock jock and gangsta rapper. And he took the main arguments slow, even showing video of Sean Hannity, all the while cussing Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

He went so scorched earth on the Dems and Hillary, including for the pedo stuff, I found myself feeling extremely satisfied. 🙂 

He says he wants a seat at the political table for the black people and he wants to start it by (and I paraphrase), "Getting that evil motherfuckin' bitch's ass thrown in jail."


I followed all the issues he talks about, he's a few years late, so there was nothing new. At least so far. But I really enjoyed this guy's delivery. The gotcha people will never have a chance with him. His true north is common sense, not gotcha, and man does he have a mouth. 🙂 

Here is Young Pharaoh's video on YouTube. He posted it Jun 27 and it already has well over 330,000 views.

That's for a 2.5 hour video...

For Jon, I suggest you take some time, get yourself a beer or whatever you drink, get comfortable, dig into this video and let yourself go into a most pleasurable trance. You can let go with this guy. (I doubt his profanity will bother you. 🙂 )

I guarantee you will not regret it.

A stampede of young people like Young Pharoah and Judith Rose is coming. 

And since the tech giants have been catering to the young, this thing is going to spread like a forest fire during a dry spell. I don't think the tech giants will be able to stop it.

But enough for now. 

What a wonderful morning to see this.

And here is a nice thought from a Q person for Jude.


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I saw Judith's Tweeted video yesterday. Except for a few permanently damaged from the lifelong brainwashing they're all going to put two and two together, even the blue hairs like Judith, and go absolutely nuts when they realize how fully they were played, co-opted and used by pure evil. They will be out in the streets soon in their millions.

I don't think I have ever seen the Pharaoh guy. It looks long but I will take the advice and try to get to it soon.

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9 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I decided to watch some of this video...

I just finished watching it all.

He said some things I don't agree with (like he's vegetarian and so on), but the overwhelming feeling I got was, "Man, do I love free speech."

Let 'er rip. We need more of this, not less.

When these younger people come out with odd things, I don't even feel the urge to correct them. Rather than gotcha them to death, I remember the education system they came out of. People like Young Pharoah and Judith Rose are heroes to get where they got. They are mental giants.

They broke the pot of the Comprachicos (as in Rand's essay on modern education) while they were in it. They didn't get out unscathed, but they sure as hell don't look like a pot.

I love their passion, too. Man, are they pissed about what was done to them.

So let them work through what they have to work through. I'm not going to fault them for anything weird they may say, not in the context of breaking free and the aftermath they have to deal with.

I trust these young ones to arrive at a great place for their own lives and for America.

These are good people.


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On 7/13/2020 at 5:16 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

And off she goes...

And off she goes bringing more people along.

It's growing.

And this young girl Judith Rose is helping it right along. Drip, drip, drip everyday, several times a day.

I feel like I did when watching Candace Owens back when she was nobody and had a small YouTube channel called "Myth of the Coon." And Candace didn't post nearly as often as Judith is doing.

I see a young star rising in the the Trump world. 

And boy am I glad to see one of the foundations for the spread--among the young--of her influence is child trafficking among the elites. These young people can't believe the evil that has been hidden to them up to now and it is really pissing them off.


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Tim Pool is not in the target age of Judith Rose, but he reaches her generation, especially when he covers issues about experimentation on people in her generation and younger.

This is sick.

They are experimenting on kids for behavior reasons.

And going, "Oops..."

Big fat lawsuits are now happening.

Also, you won't see this in the news yet, but I have no doubt the young outraged around Judith will end up seeing this and adding it into the mix.

The truth is, sex trafficking goes hand-in-hand with human organ harvesting and Nazi-like concentration camp experimentation on humans.

Except this stuff is being done in America. 


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