Pedos Arrested

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Pedos Arrested

Good news. 

Here in this thread, whenever an arrest of pedophiles becomes prominent, it can be posted. I will only post sporadically, though, because this kind of news breaks my heart when I think about the children who are preyed on.


Let's start in Polk County in Florida.

Judd: 17 arrested for child pornography include Disney employees, nurse, underwear ‘ingester’


Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd detailed the arrests and charges of 17 suspects, including Disney and hospital employees, accused of downloading or distributing child pornography featuring children as young as a few months old.

“These folks are deviants,” Judd said.

The sheriff went on to detail a number of the arrests, most notably two Disney World employees, a nurse, an undocumented immigrant, a 49-year-old Winter Haven man, and an IT specialist Judd said liked to purchase and digest soiled underwear.

Here's a video:

For those who like to see these perverts going down, enjoy.

But keep a tear in store for the children victims.

I do both.


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I was watching a show about catching pedophiles and other criminals at 10pm tonight. Using DNA, even 30 year old DNA, we can now solve a case. Well done story although the optics / camera shots, jump around.   

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