Happy Easter Everybody

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Happy Easter Everybody

As you and I are stuck at home with this coronavirus pandemic, good things still go on.

The Easter holiday is one of them.

So let's do some good vibes on this Easter Sunday.

In Objectivism, Rand and Branden saw the Christ story as one of supreme sacrifice. I used to think that way, too. But as I have thought and read and studied and thought some more--and observed, I saw that I don't know anyone who uses the crucifixion story as a form of glorifying self-abnegation. I suppose those who are extremely religious do, but I haven't met one yet. As for the rest, setting aside the religion part, what I see most from this story in people is hope for overcoming death and living in an afterlife. As individuals.

And I see something else.

The people who killed Jesus were bullies of the worst kind. From that frame, the Jesus story to me has come to signify that no matter how much bullies want to take us down, no matter what they throw at us, the human spirit will always overcome the worst they can do. I believe this is the spirit in which most Americans see the crucifixion story, too.

(Once again, setting aside the religious part, which roughly boils down to: "His will be done." To me, take God out and put reality in and the message is the same. So I get confused on this point. :) )

In that spirit, I extend my wishes for a most happy Easter to you all.

And you know me. I have to have a parting thought. I once saw the following written on a bathroom wall in a Florida restaurant many, many moons ago. It has stayed with me over the years.

Prepare your hearts, people. Jesus is coming and, man, is he pissed.



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