The U.S. vs. John Lennon


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Thank you for those wise words.

In a proper Objectivist perspective, let me add to that by saying that:

1. Intellectually, Lennon's irrational leftist leanings and goofball ideas (like selling peace like soda pop) exercise no influence whatsoever on today's public, while

2. Capitalism-wise, his music sells oodles on the free market. People buy it because they like it, as is their right.

Wagner, which was a very good comparison, sure was a basket-case in just about everything but art. His musicality and anti-Semitism clashed strongly with Mendelssohn, who was a Jew. Wagner could not deny the music and conducted it because he loved it. But he could not deny his raving anti-Semitism either, so he would conduct Mendelssohn's works with white gloves on. At the end of the concert, while he was walking off stage, but still while in the public eye, he would remove the gloves and contemptuously throw them on the floor.


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I've heard enough Lennon bashing. I know his political activism rubs many people the wrong way, but that is no reason to celebrate his murder. Enough. I don't like hostile posters coming in and insulting people I love in my own home. Take it elsewhere. I am closing this thread.


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