Let's actively avoid the delusional masses. Somebody had to do this

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I wasn't sure if this post of mine can be best classified as an 'offer' but I could not find a better fit.

Since you are reading this you probably know what I’m getting at. People who are grounded in reality ( according to my definition of course) are rare and may often be lost among the sea of the deluded masses. So this post of mine is an attempt to gather people who are like-minded.( people who I deem to be grounded in reality through my own colored lens of the world). The idea is to form mutually beneficial alliances in this insane world. Right now this process of forming alliances is somewhat unplanned and subject to chance events(you meet/know someone reasonable at school, work etc.). I'm hoping to cast the net wide by leveraging the internet. As to what exactly should the alliance be, or what it hopes to achieve is something to be discussed (though I have some concrete preliminary thoughts).

How to start: Email me your core beliefs ( though I personally prefer a voice chat with on Skype, google hangouts etc.), especially the beliefs where you think you differ fundamentally from the vast majority of people. I will quiz you on various subjects ( and so can you) to see if our beliefs align. Overall my beliefs can be loosely labeled as: generally anarchist (i.e a live and let live approach), generally anti-authoritarian ( meaning I believe govt/authorities do not protect your interests), largely capitalist( i.e vehemently opposed to coercive co-operation, put forth by typical socialism) etc. Perhaps at the bare minimum we have to share a meta belief that it is necessary to reach out and cooperate with other like minded individuals as it is virtually impossible to 'de-delude' the idiotic masses though arguments/dialogs etc. My email address can be found on my profile. In my profile you will also find a link to some webpages that outline my beliefs.

After this step, if we think our beliefs align, I will add you to an an online forum ( zero people as of now) , where you can interact with other people that I will be screening.


- I'm not too keen on discussing 'objectivism' at length ( small discussions are fine). I read Atlas Shrugged a long time back and enjoyed parts of it ( the other parts were tedious).  I strive to be a doer after having thought through the basic concepts. The occasional hairsplitting on these concepts ( like socialism/capitalism) is fine but my observation is that it can be carried to lengths where the debaters often loose track of the time lost in convincing a side that is never going to be convinced.

-It often takes a very long time ( months to years) to form mutually beneficial alliances. ( more so when individuals are geographically isolated from each other.) Perseverance and patience will be very important.

-The online forum is not to rant against the world, or a place to discuss your core beliefs. ( I would think forums for that already exist). This is more of a place for doers.

Side note: It’s really hard to for me to believe that someone else is not doing this ( i.e what I’m attempting in this post) already somewhere. Let me know if you are aware of similar efforts, I would be eager to join.




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19 hours ago, ThatGuy said:

Ok, let's play "Ask Jeeves":
Pop quiz: Why do you describe yourself as a " discretionary sexist, racist and bigot"?

Let me explain: (This is actually a very good question. )

The two genders are not statistically equal in capability. Neither are the races. ( ethnic groups if you wish, if you believe that a 'race' cannot be easily defined).

Remember, we are talking statistics not about individuals ( just like stating that men are taller than women, you will find a some women to be taller than some men).

Now you might ask why this is important, to know this fact especially since we are talking statistical probability rather than about individuals?  Well a typical sexist, (the way I understand how sexism is defined)  probably will reject all women for the position of an engineer based on the gender alone ( though I'm yet to come across such a person). On the other hand a social justice warrior ( SJW, I think that's what they are called) will insist that there is discrimination in a group of engineers that is not 50% women. A person who on the other hand understands this statistical probability ( the discretionary sexist as I call him) with be perfectly fine with a group of engineers  that consists of 5% women and 95% men. He/she understands that biology is not egalitarian in nature and is most likely to focus on the competence of group of engineers, than worry about the gender. The SJW typically hijacks the conversation by insisting that there is discrimination based on his/her faulty understanding of biology.

What it means in the real world is that SJWs distract you from solving real world problems ( like how to build a bridge on quick sand) by focusing on issues they think are important. For me identifying a SJW is important so that if I encounter one I can ignore or keep them out of my life.

Now the bigot part - some what self explanatory - we are all picky as to whom we deal with. In might case I avoid the idiots when ever I can.

( of course it can be tedious to define an idiot, but that will be another post, if a person is trying to understand my definition in all genuineness, and of course not an idiot him/herself)

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