FBI Lovebirds: How Two FBI Operatives Tried To Take Down Donald Trump

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FBI Lovebirds: How Two FBI Operatives Tried To Take Down Donald Trump

This is a full comedy show, folks. About an hour and twenty minutes long. And it premiered on YouTube just last night. It is based on the verbatim texts of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

President Trump retweeted the trailer for it, which is how I found out about it.

The blurb on YouTube:


Politico called it, "The Hamilton" for the "MAGA Crowd." Vice News called it "dangerous!"  Starring Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson as Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and written by Phelim McAleer, FBI Lovebirds takes a hilarious spin on the shocking text messages the captivated the country.

The play exposes how two reckless FBI agents tried to destroy President Trump's campaign by pushing the Russia Collusion narrative.  Using exact text and words from Page and Stzork -- the play highlights the reckless and calculated behavior behind two of Trump's enemies.  

Can you believe that the FBI agent who started the Trump-Russia investigation wrote in a hate-filled text that he walked into a Walmart in Southern Virginia and could, “smell the Trump supporters?”

Can you also believe Strzok said it was time to start the Russia investigation/hoax as an “insurance policy” in case Trump won the election? 

Believe it -- because it's all true! 

Dean Cain: “This is me playing Peter Strzok as written by Peter Strzok.  So often, truth is stranger than fiction, and this “truth” is Peter, in his own words.”

For more content like this, or to listen to the podcast version of this play, please visit The Ann & Phelim Scoop podcast: https://anchor.fm/ap-scoop

Get your popcorn and settle in.

This is bound to be a blast.


btw - I rarely plug other stuff like this, but these guys rock. You can donate to them here. And for the record, I don't make a referral commission.


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