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How To Use Stress To Persuade

This is the most brilliant video by Amazing Polly I have seen to date.

The oldest advertising trick in the book is to find a psychological pain point in the target that the seller's product addresses, stomp on that pain point with stories and case studies, then twist the knife saying it's even worse that anyone thought and providing even more stories and case studies, then offer the product as a solution.

I never thought of this as inducing stress until Polly's video above, but that's exactly what it is.

And, just to make sure there's science behind it, she hammers home studies that show people buy more when they are stressed.

Another advertising point that is taught everywhere is how to frame a "call to action" (which generally means inducing the target to buy something, but can mean other actions). The element most often used is a ticking clock, which is called scarcity. But time is not the only scarcity.

After scaring the piss out of people about their problem, saying it's even worse than they imagined, then saying there is hope (a magic product that makes it all go away) and painting that picture, you tell them that there are limited supplies of the product, there is on a certain amount of time to get it, the window of opportunity is evaporating, and so on. Also go after the price that way.

In other words, if you want to manipulate people like an evil genius, scare them then provide hope and whet their appetites (these two turn off their rational thinking), then induce massive stress with scarcity.

Social media giants are using more sophisticated techniques like gaslighting and the Alice in Wonderland effect to induce a psychological state called "reactance," which induces stress. See the video for what these things mean if you are not familiar with them.

Also, note that the outrage culture is all about stress. Once people are stressed enough, you can get them to do what you want by properly framing offers and calls to action. Do you want them to buy something? Join a movement? Call their congressman? Petition to have a person lose his or her job? Etc. No problem. Stress is your friend if you learn how to induce it...

Tech giants like to advertise a lot around stress. And when soda pop or hand cream or breakfast food companies balk at having their ads shown near huge social stressors like acute bigotry and so on, the tech giants censor their users and don't provide anyone with clear rules, causing even more stress, thus serving even more ads.


It's good work if you can get it.

Let's not forget Google's mission slogan for most of its existence:

Don't be evil.

Google has formally stopped using it. Money and power works better for them now. It's less stressful--for them.


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Here is the Alice in Wonderland technique video that Amazing Polly mentioned in her video above.

Also, for anyone who wants to go deeper, here is the link at the National Security Archive on interrogation techniques. You can get the PDF version to several manuals there.

These manuals are what the US government has used and, for the most part, is probably still using in updated materials with even more creepy stuff added due to advances in neuroscience and modern psychology.

And the Wikipedia page for good measure: U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals.


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This is probably a good place to mention a book I just listened to on audio:

Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control by Stephen Kinzer.

This is specifically about the CIA's covert MK-Ultra program.

I know enough history to know where Kinzer fudged a bit (like leaving out Lifton's work on the North Korean POW story where there actually was a form of brainwashing that happened, see here, and a few other items), but man has this guy Kinzer researched the Dickens out of this. And even with his slant, he seems to be trying to be fair as much as he can muster.

Let's look at what this book means in terms of persuasion. Gottleib's big dream was to create a Manchurian Candidate, that is, erase a person's personality (prompt amnesia) through chemicals and stress, then replace it with a new personality that contained hidden commands that could be triggered at will by a controller.

MK-Ultra proved that chemicals and stress could dismantle a personality, but it fizzled on prompting amnesia and fizzled entirely on the second part of implanting a new replacement personality.

Nowadays, what remained of this body of research is used by the government in sundry interrogation manuals and by corporations in marketing when stress is a factor. Essentially, stress is used for preparation. It disorients the target and, in excess, make him regress to infantile behavior. Call it a softener-upper before the real work begins.

If you want to get really creeped out by true government history, this book is an easy factual read that delivers the creep factor in abundance.

btw - For those interested, if you take out a subscription to Scribd (not an affiliate link--and it's about 10 bucks a month), you can not only read a ton of PDF books, you can listen to a ton of audiobooks without extra cost. I listened to the audiobook version of Poisoner in Chief on Scribd. In fact, I have recently listened to a bunch of audiobooks there.


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59 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

This is probably a good place to mention a book I just listened to on audio:

Poisoner in Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control by Stephen Kinzer.

This is specifically about the CIA's covert MK-Ultra program.

Here's a recent radio minterview with Kinzer to get a better gist of the book. It not only deals with drugs and stress, it also deals with James Bond-level poisoning and other goodies. (Gottlieb was like Q, the gadget guy, in Bond stories. Except Gottlieb was real and deadly.)

There is a fact Kinzer said in this interview that is not in the book. The same medical examiner who worked on the Epstein "suicided" case also worked on the Frank Olson case (an MK-Ultra insider who was "suicided" out a tenth-floor hotel window in the 1950's). That would be Dr. Michael Baden of JFK assassination (and other celebrity deaths) fame.

I tried to corroborate this with a quick search online, but couldn't. Still, I believe Baden was involved in the Olson case in some manner, either back then or more recently when Olson's remains were exhumed.


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Also, here's a Spotlight documentary on MK-Ultra and Olson's death. It was made eight years after Olson's remains were exhumed.

I'm still watching it, but it's good so far.

(Later): Finished the thing. It's good and in line with the book.

Oddly enough, Olson worked on stressing others (and killing them) with chemicals (his specialty was aerosol delivery), but the stress of shame led him to mouth off about his unhappiness with the covert CIA work.

So the CIA dosed him with LSD without his knowledge, apparently to do an "Artichoke" interrogation on him (meaning, probably to scramble his brain with drugs and see what he talked about under questioning that was made to not look like questioning). After that drug experience, Olson changed and got depressed, but still kept yapping. So he went to NY for a friendly trip with some friendly CIA friends. As the saying goes, three went out and two came back.

President Ford, at the advice of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, apologized to his family and the US government gave them money.


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Here's Amazing Polly again.

Have you ever contemplated why there is offshore banking on islands? Well, it's to skirt law enforcement scrutiny of developed countries and their respective cooperation between each other.

How about sex trafficking? Can islands be used for the same? Looks like it, especially the Marshall Islands. Polly shows just how many of the world's super-powerful and super-rich go there, too.

Since this is a persuasion thread, look how she frames things.

1. An isolated and tiny environment.

2. The super-powerful and super-rich always showing up.

3. Lots of traces of sex trafficking and sex enslavement set up in a kind of clearing house manner.

4. Normal life with normal people is not something people think about when they think of the Marshall Islands.

5. A lady who tried to investigate this was recently shot dead execution style.

Look at her main persuasion technique. She confines super-powerful and super-rich people along with super-evil activities at a tiny isolated environment. One can't help but wonder, aren't the super-powerful and super-rich people aware that sex trafficking is their neighbor out there in the middle of nowhere? Of course they are.

So, focus on a restricted environment. Set polar opposites within it. Give enough proof to make it real. Then let people come to their own conclusions.

That's a powerful template for raising awareness and injecting the possibility of a specific form of crime at the top into everyday speech. At the very least, it moves the Overton Window from "This just isn't possible," to, "Woah, something bad might be going on."


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Although this video by Polly does not deal with stress per se, it does deal with a fractal of control I have noticed that permeates societies the world over. btw - Polly does not use the word fractal, nor does she isolate this pattern except in specific instances.


The Pattern

The pattern works like this.

You have an elite class (elitists) made up of individuals and their cliques. These often organize into different factions are divided along sundry lines, but they are never divided along the lines used in the smokescreens for the masses.

Then you have the masses who are divided, generally, into two camps, depending on the issue. Regardless of which one wins (and a win is mostly temporary in this model with the other side winning after a while), all the money and power flows to the elite class. The reason for this secondary diversion is to keep the masses fighting with each other rather than fighting with the elitist class.

This ruling class says it is divided along the same lines as the masses, but that is just for show. When the masses think about the divisions of the elite class, instead of seeing what the real divisions are, they only see their own divisions. In other words, elitists lie to the masses.

This is a hell of a great persuasion racket for those who do it well.


Globalism and this pattern

For a good example, take globalism. This is a group of elitists seeking to implement a one world dictatorship of technocrats. This group is divided into people who like, say, Bill Gates and those who like, say, George Soros. In either case, both will win in the end.

Out in the masses, the divisions are over abortion, gun rights and so on. But regardless of which side gains power on a particular issue, the conflict never goes away, and the elitist central control grows bigger even though it looks like power has changed hands in the masses.



Polly used this pattern for the science world in talking about Germany at the end of WWII and the USA-Russia split. Basically, both USA and Russia took on German scientists and put them in places of influence in their respective countries. The ideals of these scientists were the same for both places. And to insure these ideals persisted, they had a line of weird science that also trafficked in some wild parties and perversions. This explains modern eugenics being promoted under different guises and the Epsteins of the world.

It's a very interesting theory and, frankly, I think this video is one of Polly's best. I might even clean up the automated transcript and post it here later,



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Now a note about overt persuasion.

"I will not comply" is the face of tossing out covert persuaders.

It is overt and it is a call to join.

I left a comment on Polly's video below on YouTube. I said, "You are Patrick Henry."

Man, can she be inspiring...

She didn't use the exact words of Patrick Henry, but I heard his spirit come out of her mouth. So I'll say it.

Give me liberty or give me death. And start living like that today.

The conditions for that have to be burdensome beyond tolerance, but when those conditions are met, that's the strongest form of persuasion ever used among humans.


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This is the world we built.

That is, the one we allowed others to build for us.

Polly has been banned by YouTube and now I am going to have to go to everygoddam one of her videos here on OL and find a replacement. I believe she uploaded her entire opus to BitChute, so we will not lose anything.

But look what they just did to her.

Here's a screenshot because obviously Twitter will be deleting her account before too long. 


This woman isn't a drug dealer or pedophile or terrorist or embezzler or anything like that.

She's not a criminal.

She's a woman who connects dots and comes to conclusions rich and powerful elitists do not like.

Why? Because she names them and gives her sources. That's all.

Don't think these assholes who went after her will not go after you one day.

They will.

And if you let them have the power they seek, you will become their slave, worse, their livestock: to live and die and serve at their pleasure.

I don't mean you in general. I mean you the individual reader right now. You and me. Our families. That kind of you.

I am not a good fit for that kind of world.

Fuck them.


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The acceleration of leftist tactics is probably a good thing--they've always been insidious, but now they seem desperate. I've been surprised a few times over this quarantine to discover more and more millennials becoming open to anti-establishment ideas. I think the parasites are killing their hosts too quickly. The press is a host, social media is a host, YouTube is a host... these things have value to the public, and leftist ideology infects that value, but if the host starts to taste like the virus people aren't going to keep eating it up. We will see if alternatives start to become more popular, particularly websites/platforms.

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They have tried to keep Polly down, but it ain't working.

Look what she has managed to do in six days. And let's show it on Twitter just because.


Polly is starting to name names of the bad guy henchmen going around and targeting normal citizens, too.

President Trump will shut all of this down if he wins and gets both houses (which I believe he will).

But for now, it exists. So at least being aware of it is something. That's where Polly comes in.

This Stuff is Real


There is a lot of great information in that video. Especially for Canadians.

You ought to see what their military is doing with "behavior modification."


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Really sad.

It looks like Amazing Polly has been a psyops all along,

He role was to infiltrate Q and similar, talk in their language, then send feedback to her hubby who works (and has worked for the last 22 years) for the largest military contractor in Canada that deals in dirty tricks, psyops, and social media manipulation. It's called Calian Ltd.

Among other things, Sherrie (Polly) made videos and discussions that generated data for hubby, who fed it to The Internet of Behavior projects of Calian (and God knows who and what else), and they all used it for their artificial intelligence banks for mapping human behavior.

At least now I know how Sherrie (Polly) knew so much great stuff about psyops and persuasion and behavior tricks and propaganda.


Polly's real name is Sherrie Nelson. Her hubby is Andrew Wills. All of this is online and causing a stink right now.

There are videos and posts appearing all over the place, but you can get most of the verifiable information at the link below by a lady who calls herself Hopegirl (her name is Naima Morris and she does not hide it):



As a follow up to the last video I made “Not-So-Amazing Polly’s Attack on Small Business” I have included a full timeline of the facts behind this case. This is to provide clarity for anyone who wishes to actually investigate this for themselves. In my video I had mentioned that if anyone could send me any proof of anything that would stand up in...


I've just spent about 4-5 hours going through everything and, in my opinion, Sherrie (Polly) was nothing but a psyop to infiltrate MAGA and do what needed doing for the Predator Class. She was a friggin' impostor.


Here are some tidbits from her past.

1. Several years ago, Sherrie (Polly) showed up one day to a YouTube group devoted to narcissist abuse victims. I went through a lot of videos there. Sherrie (Polly) has since deleted most of her own from back then, but the victims included parts of her videos in their own video comments. They couldn't figure out why this newcomer woman was acting so weird to them. Sherrie (Polly) was toying with them. So I got to see what she looked and sounded like back then. There's some real ugly shit from her, too.

2. Sherie (Polly) is a painter and, in the past, painted a large number of skulls and skeletons and so on, even though she says she is an evangelical Christian.

3. She has had a dozen or more pseudonyms online. According to a Cease and Desist she received back then for cyberstalking, cyberbullying and impersonation, there are names like  Polly Phemus, Fight Narcissism, 99freemind, and more.

4. She now has a small army of bots on the Internet under a large number of sockpuppet accounts. They show up to reinforce her posts and torment her critics.

5, I think she chose the name Amazing Polly from her plethora of pseudonyms as a pun since she was trying to get everyone in MAGA-land to repeat her thoughts like parrots.


From my own thinking this through, Sherrie's (Polly's) analysis technique was predominantly guilt by association. She would put pictures of people up, then link them together by finding out where they worked or who they knew, etc.

I rarely saw formal documents like contracts in her presentations. Just news articles, websites, etc., and a whole lot of connecting dots and inferences.

She was damn good at it, too.

I admit it.

I was fooled.

I remember feeling something was off on a few occasions where she did not act in character, like when she first smoked a cigarette on camera and got hostile to the audience about it (being an evangelical Christian and all), but I always dismissed those moments as part of being human. I'm not going to let that be an excuse, though.

I was bamboozled by her act. All the way down.

I look out a bigass lollipop marked "Sucker" and slurped all over it.




Now she's getting in trouble because she took on The Wellness Company and most of the MAGA luminaries, including Tucker and Don Jr., but also people people like Rogan, Bongino, Candace, and so on. She claimed they are all in on some kind of secret understanding where they act like a mafia scratching each other's backs and, even more, they are all in bed with the WEF. I know she said this stuff because I've watched her videos and heard her say it.

As an example, here is a chart she used against the Wellness Company:


Also, there are a lot of lesser-knowns who manage to stay online because they run affiliate programs with TWC and Mike Lindell. These affiliate programs are one of their main sources of income. Sherrie's (Polly's) actions threaten this income.

I think her intention was to degrade the reputation of TWC and damage it financially, thus keep it from sponsoring so many MAGA voices through TWC's affiliate program.

Sherrie (Polly) made some bold negative claims while bashing the products of TWC (vitamins, medicines like ivermectin, and so on) and the alleged awful political intentions of Foster Coulson, the owner. But her negative claims only trace back to a single hostile 2023 article without a single piece of evidence. (It's here if you want to see it.)

You can get all of this information and much much more, including direct links to sources, at Hopegirl's Full Discloure link above.


But guess what? Not one person who is on that board of hers is amused. They all got inundated with messages from people they knew talking about this. In other words, she pissed off a hell of a lot of people, including some top grade investigators. They're coming at her hard right now.

I don't know if they will have any effect, though.

Hopegirl says in these psyops cases, the person who gets busted will go away for a while and everyone will forget. Then months or years later, the person will reappear with a new schtick and all will be well.


Let's see if going away is true of Sherrie (Polly).

Here's a screenshot of her last video yesterday:



Yup. That sure fits the pattern.



On a serious note, what a bummer.

I liked Polly a lot, but she was a mere illusion created to fool idiots like me.



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I don't want to spend time on Not So Amazing Polly, but here's an update.

Sherrie is posting on X under a new moniker: Polly St George, Deep State Asset gone rogue

I could say a whole lot, but she's not worth it. Leave it to say, she has been firing in many different directions, but her main subtext seems to be to try to reacquire her former audience by mixing good stuff with Big Pharma Trudeau-like talking points. And, instead of going fishing, she has been posting up a storm. It ain't working so far.



One funny thing that happened. Elon Musk recently said he was going to purge bots on X.

Soon after, her numbers tanked and Not So Amazing Polly posted this:

Here is a screenshot in case she deletes it.


Pretty sad numbers when the bots can't help...



Anyway, there's that.

Now back to things that matter.



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