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Super Beets? What a scam. Consider all the super foods in the last 50 years hyped in the media. None of them have proven efficacy except a few like Ocuvite? for eye health and an occasional multivitamin. E? C? Well, vitamin D is still advised for people over 50 and I do take 2000 IU under my doctor's advice.  

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“Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts ‘Cosmos: Possible Worlds.’”

It was a two hour show and I watched the first hour. It was very good. The second hour began with a discussion of the history of religion among the human species and that bored me. Persians – Zoroaster yadda yadda yadda and Neil droning on and on. A discussion of 10,000 gods simply means making crap up that many times and getting someone else to believe your BS. History is not so interesting if all you discuss is made up BS. I will watch the next installment.

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