Fly Air Canada, But Only If You Are Woke

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Fly Air Canada, But Only If You Are Woke


Woke is the only safe way.

‘This is a nightmare’: A woman fell asleep mid-flight and woke up trapped in a dark plane alone

From the article:


When Tiffani O’Brien opened her eyes, she was still in the same place she fell asleep — strapped into her seat aboard an Air Canada flight bound for Toronto. 

Only, something wasn’t right. The entire plane was empty, O’Brien wrote in a Facebook post shared last week by her friend on her behalf. She was “freezing cold” and sitting in “complete darkness.” It was around midnight and her flight, which left Quebec City that evening, had landed hours earlier.

“I thought, ‘This is a nightmare,’” O’Brien, who is from St. Thomas, Ontario, told CTV News in an interview that aired over the weekend. “'This is not happening. I’m having a bad dream. Wake up, Tiffani.'”

But O’Brien says what she experienced was very real, and the Canadian airline is now looking into how a sleeping passenger could have been left behind, the Associated Press reported. Air Canada did not respond to a request for comment late Sunday, but confirmed to the AP that the incident did happen.



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How do you get out of a Canadian plane? It must be like being trapped in an elevator. It’s another quiet day in the neighborhood. Theroux wins battle with neighbor over roof porch . . . . China bans pork from Canada over additives . . . . Do police belong at gay pride parade . . . . Canada stocks higher . . . . Kuwait plans to boost production from Canadian shale . . . . China renews demand for Canada to release Huawei executive . . . . Canada day cancelled . . . .

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I searched, the weirdest ads that worked.

Bornholm Brewery in Denmark has an ad that says, “All natural” and it show a woman wearing a skimpy bathing suit and you can see her pubic hair . . . going public.

The French ad for Pictionary shows you how little kids view the world. It shows a child thinking of a large cartoon dog in her yard.

Indonesia's Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts' major selling point is that they're large enough to choke an elephant. It shows a large elephant doing the Heimlich maneuver on a smaller elephant and a huge peanut pops out.  

This Oldtimer Motorway Stop in Austria will make you wish you'd taken a plane. It shows an actual tunnel with a pretty woman’s face on it and you drive into her mouth.

South Africa's 1st For Women Car Insurance: We insure women, because men are dumb. It shows three guys getting ready to touch an electrified fence. Will it hurt?

Germany's Queer-Travel cheekily shows the other side of America. It is the backsides of the Mount Rushmore’s posing Presidents.

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