Donahue Interviews in better quality than Youtube?


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Do you know if there is any way now to see the interviews of Ayn Rand by Phil Donahue in better quality than the one available on Youtube?

Is there any VHS of the show? It seems compressed from VHS on Youtube.

As far as know, most Youtube interviews were uploaded by an account called "Jose Marabotto", do you guys know him?

In the documentary: Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life by Michael Paxton, we see short passages of the interviews in much better quality than Youtube.

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I realized that the interviews comes from VHS, dsitributed by the company "No Free Luch Distributors". (They distributed several interviews of Ayn Rand)

Do you know if this company still exists? Or if they sell this VHS still today? Do you have your own copy of the VHS?

This VHS can at least be borrowed (or seen) at three places, according to this page:

  • Loyola University Chicago
  • Pritzker Military Museum & Library
  • University of South Florida
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I wish I could help you, but I don't know this information.

The best I can come up with is to point you to a YouTube channel where a person hunts down videos like what you are trying to do and enhances them. I don't know how receptive he would be about Ayn Rand since he seems to be a big Chomsky fan, but there is some young Buckley on that channel.

Manufacturing Intellect

Here is the About page text:


The primary focus of Manufacturing Intellect is to rescue and preserve the greatest intellectual voices and bring them to you. I do this by assiduously searching for rare and unavailable video and audio; restoring video quality through denoising and deartifacting, upscaling, color correction, and careful sharpening; and meticulously repairing and conforming audio to the greatest listening quality.

My quest to preserve rare content takes me to various public, private and university libraries, thrift stores, used video, music and book stores, and into databases and archives all over the net.


I suggest you get in touch with this person if you can figure out how to. You might even find a kindred spirit. His (or her) work is excellent in my view. Purists may not like it but I sure do. Going through that channel is a trip. All those important intellectuals when they were younger...

I sometimes go down that rabbit hole and start watching those videos. When I look up, several hours have passed.


Good luck.


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8 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I suggest you get in touch with this person if you can figure out how to.

Here is the Patreon page.

Manufacturing Intellect is creating the best archive collection on YouTube.

Here is text from that page:


Everyone's support in comments and private messages has sustained my enthusiasm to curate the highest quality content over these last years and I couldn't be more grateful. 
Thank you for watching. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Thank you for support.

This indicates that getting in touch by private message is possible. 

It's going to take some digging, though.


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