Woo-Woo and Politics, Whoop-De-do

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Woo-Woo and Politics, Whoop-De-do

I like woo-woo. That's not a Randian thing to say, but it's the truth.

So when I saw that Marianne Williamson was officially running in the Democratic primaries for president, I thought, "Cool. This should at least prompt people to look inward--at least a little--to their spiritual longings before they open their mouths to bash each other over politics."

Then Marianne Williamson opened her mouth.

My God! She sounds like a parody of an academic elitist snob. She talks down her nose with an affected "learned" voice. And progressive as all hell.

I never thought I would hear the term "morality" and think "shallow person," but that's what she lit up in my mind.

Also, I normally don't bash mystics the way Ayn Rand does because I see many of them earnestly seeking to understand the world, their lives, and why we all have to die in the end--suffering so painfully and trying so hard in their search for meaning.

But if this video is any indication of the tenor of Marianne Williamson's campaign from here on out, a silly vanity show based on clichés and bromides while wagging an elitist finger at the audience to cash in on shame, Ayn Rand's term, "witch doctor," comes to mind.


Marianne Williamson used to serve up some decent woo-woo.

Now it's ick...

Progressive talking point ick...

And nothing more... Well, she still has her former guru posture, but that's also turning into a ghost. All that's left is an elitist prig right out of a Tom Wolfe snoot party in his parodies of the upper class.

Woo-woo and power do not mix. Not this kind of woo-woo with this kind of power.

When I project my mind into "what if's" and see the armed forces, lethal drones, nuclear weapons, DARPA and all the rest in the hands of a woman like this, I see mass death here, there and everywhere. Not through malice. Through sheer incompetence. Cause and effect...

But wait! There's more!

Imagine the Deep State...

Imagine her calling a snake like James Clapper to the Oval Office to talk about his spirituality, his moral development, the need for healing, and having a "conversation" about "hard problems."



Or wait... Maybe there's a different angle. People who run for president and fail, even when they drop out soon, sell more books and lectures... :) 

Ain't it funny how Marianne Williamson sells books and lectures for a living?...


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