my architecture (preemptive)


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I believe these buildings can be built with truss webs holding up the top heavy parts you want to save the trees down below so iterates outwards sometimes you have to lay support columns that span all the height of the building but the foundations are underground slabs with piles or Piers connected if necessary to counteract the moments it should work because some soils are 1/10 the strength of steel and if you make the foundation deep enough because f equals Ma

You use the lighter materials on top

My building philosophy it's not to do anything too freaky it's supposed to be livable space the freaky stuff is turned into furniture but I realized that if a building is different it is also a tool to the intellect

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I recommend the SVG-editing suite Inkscape.

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I used to live in Brazil. You might want to take a look at Brazilian architecture some time. 

For example, here is a building in São Paulo (MASP - The São Paulo Museum of Art) that reflects some of what your sketches seem to hint at if I understood them correctly. I know this building well because it has an auditorium in a subterranean level and I performed many concerts there (playing and conducting).

I presume you are interested in in buildings that people can walk underneath. MASP's support structure is different than what I think you are getting at, but the concept of people walking outdoors underneath the ground floor seems to be the same.


When I started looking for pictures online, I got quite a shock out of the red pillars and beams. That is not the way I remember it. Here is what I remember. God knows I went there enough.


This is a windows and concrete decor for a big-city building of strictly human use (art) and defying gravity at that. In my view, that's about as Roarkian as it gets.

Unfortunately, there is an intense communist influence among some powerful Brazilian elites and they like to play games with big symbols. Where better than architecture? That's why I believe some genius came up with turning the columns and beams red.

Red equals communist, get it? Har-dee-har-har...

Brasilia has gorgeous buildings, but sometimes you will find one of these symbolic puns embedded in them. For example, the JK Memorial:


JK in this sense means "Juscelino Kubitschek" not JFK. :) 

Kubitschek was the Brazilian president who made Brasilia become the new capital of Brazil (the old one was Rio de Janeiro) and had it built in the middle of the country where there was nothing but open sky, wildlife and bugs (like the Wild West in old times in the US) instead of on the coast.

When the sun hits that monument the right way at a certain time of the day, the shadow makes a pretty decent hammer and sickle. Even without the shadow, look at it from the back and the intended semblance is pretty clear.

If you can stomach that kind of Easter Egg at times, the architecture in Brasilia is well worth looking at.

Oddly enough, for the communist-friendly Brazilian elitists who snuck these symbols into the architecture, they also built the damn things so big and far apart, you can only use them if you have a car. I have been to Brasilia many times and you cannot get around on foot without taking the whole day walking from one building to the next. In other words, you cannot use the buildings or other structures of these elitist geniuses without petroleum-based capitalism.


Even with all this, those architects were talented. I find their architecture gorgeous.


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