That Time of Year - the "D" Word in 2018

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That Time of Year - the "D" Word in 2018

I was recently reminded offline that October is the donation month for OL. (Thank you, you know who you are, in more ways than one... :) )

So once again, I come hat in hand.

OL has turned a bit more political recently, but that is only temporary. After some of the dust settles and the fundamental changes to the government become solid, we will be prioritizing politics less. 

Normally, on philosophy forums, especially in our subcommunity, we just talk about things. This time we did something (although, to keep it real, some OL regulars did not approve). Basically, a couple of years ago, I saw an opportunity to use the site to help change things for the better out in the real world and took it. I'm proud of the result. And I'm proud OL is part of that history. You have every right to be proud, too.

Not everybody posts these days (discussing politics is messy :) ), but we get great traffic from lurkers. So whether you come here to participate or just keep up with things, we all matter. You, me, all of us.

As I've said in past years, Kat and I bear the brunt of the costs for running OL. We do get some donations during the year and they are so appreciated. But they don't cover the costs. And, even without any donations, we are going to make sure this site lasts for decades to come. We gladly carry this responsibility. OL has a wonderful repository of posts and information from many luminaries (big and small) in O-Land and we intend to add a lot more, including lots more relevant material as time goes on.

Ultimately, OL is for you. As one of the site owners, I don't say that in an altruistic sense, but in a very selfish one. 

We love you all.

So see what you can donate, then go to the Donate button at the top of any page, click on it and follow the instructions.

(If the Donate button does not appear, go to a different place on the forum and it will. Coding for desktops and mobile devices or something like that. :)  )

Your contribution makes a difference and we appreciate it more than we can express.

And if you can't donate for whatever reason, we love you just the same.

Thank you.


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