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It says it was removed for violating You Tubes' terms of service.  I still like radio. I have an old fashioned electrically driven radio on my desk next to my computer. I listen to Rush Limbaugh on it and occasionally oldies tunes. 

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Good news.

Dear Alan von Altendorf:

Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube. After further review, we've determined that your video doesn't violate our Community Guidelines. Your video has been reinstated and your account is in good standing.


— The YouTube Team


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2 hours ago, Wolf DeVoon said:

Good news.


I just now watched it. There was absolutely nothing there to warrant being taken down. All I saw was you responding in an exasperated and sardonic manner--with few spoken words--to a barely audible radio, where you edited in some short subtitles.

There is only one way YouTube would take that down--if someone made a formal complaint against you.

Whoever has the gumption to do that has a personal problem with you (and, incidentally, his or her head up their ass). There is nothing to complain about re YouTube's rules.

Someone who wants to silence you like that (especially over a video as benign as that) is a control freak and is trying to injure you from the shadows. Pure cowardice. I would say said person doesn't have the courage to disagree with you openly, but there is nothing to disagree with. You merely presented a list of topics being talked about on a radio show while it was running and your negative reactions to the topics themselves, not even to what was being said about them.


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On 10/10/2018 at 5:41 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Someone who wants to silence you like that ... is trying to injure you from the shadows.

Could be, I guess. Google initially relegated by latest novel to Amazon's Mexican server, invisible as an English-language title. It's possible that I annoyed someone in government. My important stuff is uploaded at Vimeo and there are three more videos in the can, recently completed, which I will upload to Vimeo when I have wider bandwidth at a neighbor's house, perhaps tomorrow. Evil saboteurs can complain to Vimeo, if they wish.

Special thanks to William. It matters enormously to receive encouragement.

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