An Open Secret - One Bad Dark Side of Hollywood

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An Open Secret - One Bad Dark Side of Hollywood

An Open Secret is a 2014 movie about several famous pedophiles in Hollywood and some of their victims. It was directed by Academy Award nominee, Amy Berg.

Unfortunately, the video does not embed, but it is free on Vimeo for the time being. You can watch it here:

AN OPEN SECRET. Official PG-13 version.

btw - If anyone uses Twitter, the same people who produced this movie have a Twitter account where they keep up a steady stream of information on pedophiles in our culture, especially in the entertainment business. It's one of the best places online to get credible information about this. Here is their Twitter account: An Open Secret (Twitter).

But back to the movie. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's free for now.

So enjoy... if you can... and if you dare...


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I made the following post on another thread. It cuts to one of the central issues about why there is so much pedophilia in Hollywood.

But first, here is the post I was responding to (we were discussing James Gunn being fired by Disney for a massive amount of tweets about pedophilia and rape).

1 hour ago, KorbenDallas said:

Whether Disney knew/didn't know, or evaded them, or possibly asked him to delete them is another matter for inspection.  But there's no way in hell I would have hired him if I saw those tweets.

Then I answered:

31 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


I have already inspected, but I would have to dig to get you links. Here's just an obvious one. In 2012 Gunn made a big splash in the press with an apology for similar material (if not worse) on a blog he had (see here). Does anyone believe Disney didn't have lawyers looking into that stuff? There's a little thing called corporate liability.

The thing is, companies who cater to the children's market have always hired pedophiles when they thought they could get away with it. (Here's a small list of pedophiles in the child entertainment industry I took right off the top of a Google search just to give a few examples.)

Why do they do that? If you think about it, the answer is obvious. It takes a lot of cunning to get a child to agree to have sex and not melt down. Pedophiles have to entertain children much more than other adults do out of sheer necessity, and they have to play on the emotions of children at the child's level, so they become wicked good at it. Getting them to do kiddie shows is almost a guarantee of success. Pedophiles represent a major kiddie entertainment talent pool.

It's sick, but that's the way it runs.

If you want an example, take a look at Dan Schneider of Nickelodeon. (See the RedState article, too: Famed Nickelodeon Producer OUT After Years Of Pedophilia Rumors.) Now take a look at a paragraph I chose almost at random from the Wikipedia article his name is linked to in this paragraph:

Without the pedophile and his "expertise" in goosing children's emotions to entertain and dazzle them, the show, All That, tanked. After they brought him back on board, it became successful again.

We're talking big bucks, so there is a lot of protection these guys get in the children's entertainment industry.

Think of it this way. If you want to learn how to be nice to people and get them to respond to you quickly, wouldn't it make sense to study with a conman? That's a standard part of his arsenal. How are you going to con anyone if they don't take a liking to you?

Ditto for children and pedophiles. If you're an adult running a show-business venture and want to be successful at entertaining a wide audience of children, who better to hire than a pedophile? That's all he thinks about 24/7.

Once again, sick, but that's the way it works.

Also, these companies get very, very, very good at damage control...


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For those who think it's just not proven that pedophiles are hired to do kiddie products by companies like Disney, try this one on for size. It was retweeted by the Open Secret people, which is how I know if it.

Why do these companies do this? Once again, because pedophiles know how to seduce kids. They are very good at it. And this competence input into a project makes for successful entertainment products aimed at the kid market. That means big bucks...

I'm going to post the names of other luminaries (big or small) in Hollywood or other entertainment venues on this thread if there is an indication that the Open Secret people are talking about it. Maybe Cernovich and a couple of others, too, since they are all communicating. I know that the pedo-protection industry has not breached them and they do not appear to give credence to the more preposterous or factually debunked claims.


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Another person to keep an eye on is Michael Ian Black.

You can read more about this, and read some of the tweets, on:

Breitbart: Actor Michael Ian Black’s Tweets About Child Molestation Resurface

and The Daily Caller: Comedian’s Old Tweets Reveal Pedophilia ‘Jokes’ Day After Director Fired For Similar Tweets

His Wikipedia page: Michael Ian Black.

Anyone interested in seeing his children's books, I recommend Naked!. (I won't link to it, so look it up.) It's a young child's picture book about a boy who refuses to wear clothes. Or maybe Chicken Cheeks. Another picture book for young children showing the butts of different animals, some sniffing buttholes, some pooping and so on. All the animals are smiling, of course.


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A few more names to keep an eye on, some more known, some newer less known.


Just in case the tweets are ever removed by Twitter, here is the screenshot for the embed.





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An interview about 3 months ago between Milo and the producer of the movie, An Open Secret, Gabe Hoffman. From the YouTube blurb:


Great conversation with #AnOpenSecret Producer Gabe Hoffman an Milo about what a horrible job Hollywood is doing on reporting on the rampant pedophilia in Hollywood and how the media is afraid to ask the tough questions and put in the time to do the tough investigations.



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