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It is my fervent wish that no one reads Partners. It starts out innocently and immediately gets worse and worse and worse. The profound happiness of newlyweds freed from hardship and danger, alone together in a remote snowbound cabin is almost too much to bear, given their fate. Do not read this book. The ending is so intensely sad that I find myself unable to write in the future, as if I had crossed some terrible red line, a lifelong moral law against tragedy.





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I've completed a new novel, set in 1975, when the Cosa Nostra had an iron grip on the city of Milwaukee. It's embarrassing to ask anyone to read and review it, because it's a tragedy and ends badly for the hero and the brave brainy girl he marries.

'Partners' begins and ends in a hard Wisconsin winter, from the first few flakes of November to snowbound Christmas, a February blizzard, finally a freak March ice storm, an actual event that occurred in 1976 and paralyzed the city of Milwaukee for an entire week. After the ice storm melts, winter is over and the tale ends, four months of gun battles, love, and loss.

When the story opens, cold weather worries a lonely young man, reading Help Wanted ads at 3 a.m. in the Water Street Ham and Egger. His adventures take him to Mequon, Brady Street, the Port of Milwaukee, Shorewood, Oak Creek, Winneconne, Door County, and the Core.





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