Any Books or Movies With A *Main Character* Similar to Francisco?

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For some reason I like Francisco D'Anconia.  Are there any books or movies with a main character similar to Francisco D'anconia?  It could even be a biography.  I think of Francisco as a Super Intelligent, rational and charming guy.

Don't say James Bond...  I haven't seen a full movie of his but from what I've seen he is too stiff.

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Rand was partially inspired by Zorro for Francisco. Nathaniel Branden once suggested The Scarlet Pimpernel, too.

As for a closer character, I would say Batman. He also hides behind a wealthy man of leisure posture while being wicked smart and secretly fighting the bad guys.

Some other superheroes fit the mold to differing degrees, just look around...

The Lone Ranger works up to a point, but you never get to see him without his mask. Avoid that idiot movie with Johnny Depp. The old TV and radio series is more in line with Francisco.

You can find echoes of Francisco in TV ensemble shows where one of main characters has an eidetic memory (think Dr. Spencer Reid  on Criminal Minds, who is amiable, serene and rational except when he is conflicted by his mentally ill mother). This leads me to think of many, many modern movies and TV shows where a character is friendly, but a computer expert with almost superhuman powers at his or her fingertips. That archetype has become a stock character these days and they often throw in quirkiness.

Oddly enough, I just saw The Martian the other day and Matt Damon's character reminded me of Francisco. This is rich, too, because Matt Damon in real life is a flaming progressive of the worst sort. Still, he does it right in the movie and is the exact opposite of his actual character. It's a Robinson Crusoe kind of movie--Damon's character has to be rational as all hell against enormous odds and constant frustration to get back to safety and he does it with grace. Sometimes even good humor. He also sets up communication with others on earth, so, although this is a stranded story, it's not a stranded and all alone story.

That should get you started on where to look.


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Get yourself some Clive Cussler books. His characters have similarities to those in Rand's novels. Isaac Bell, Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin, Juan Cabrillo, Sam and Remi Fargo, heroic adventurers all. Confidence, swagger, charm, all of that.


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41 minutes ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


Actually, I haven't read any Clive Cussler yet. And I even own a few of his books I've picked up at used book stores out of curiosity.

I'm going to dig them out.

He even looks like an author I could like:



I'm on it.



Well, he's a bit scruffier than normal in that photo.

I wouldn't rate his work as great literature or anything, but just a whole lot of fun.


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