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Brazilian short film of Ayn Rand story

Here's a short film by Caio Amaral of Rand's story, "The Simplest Thing in the World."

I never thought this story would film well, but Amaral did it brilliantly. And don't worry, it might be in Portuguese, but there are subtitles in English.

This story is in The Romantic Manifesto for those not familiar with it. It's basically the thoughts of a genius writer trying to force himself to write something mediocre to be commercial.

Amaral takes some liberties with the story, for example making Henry Dorn a film maker rather than a novel author. He changed some of the names of people Dorn thinks about for Brazilian names. He, also, changed the end a little, but it works.

Ayn Rand geeks might object to the very last thing that happens, but I seriously doubt anybody will be anything by moved by what happens right before. And, no, I'm not going to tell you what Amaral changed there. Watch the film and see for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised. :) 

I wish a long productive successful career for this young man. He deserves it.


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