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Scott Adams on Persuasion

This thread is a placeholder--a place to throw tidbits of information Scott Adams dribbles out about persuasion. It's kind of a reference thread.

I've felt the need for a place like this for some time now. So here it is.

For people who don't know, Scott Adams is the author of the syndicated cartoon strip, Dilbert. He also dabbles in persuasion. During the Trump campaign, he identified the future president as a " master persuader" and wrote a series of blog posts dissecting the techniques. He made a series of predictions that came true while the mainstream predictions turned out to fizzle, one after another. That led to guest appearances on mainstream TV news shows and a bestselling book: Win Bigly: Persuasion in a World Where Facts Don't Matter.

His blog: Scott Adams' Blog.

I have frequently made reference to Scott here on OL. Over time, I'll see if I can bring some of those comments to this thread, too. He's one hell of a smart cookie.

To start things off, here's a lesson by Scott on how to recognize cognitive dissonance in people and in yourself.

Really cool...


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On 6/2/2018 at 2:37 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

To start things off, here's a lesson by Scott on how to recognize cognitive dissonance in people and in yourself.

Really cool...

For those who don't like listening to video, but prefer text, here is a machine-translated version of his talk, courtesy of the online application VoiceBase (it's imperfect, but better than the time-coded subtitle files provided by Youtube itself:


You can read along with the transcript and Adams's voice, and zip here and there inn the talk via keywords and subjects ... at this link.

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Here's Vox Day (aka Theodore Beale), with a relatively simple assignment for a video: schooling Scott Adams on the Q-phenomenon, pushing back against notions that Q-beliefs only divide and weaken a larger 'patriot' cohort supporting President Trump. "Scott Adams Fails to Grasp the Power of Q"

Scott Adams has a couple of absorbing videos (not yet migrated from Periscope** to the Youtube channel which usually features the best of Scott Adams live events).  I very much admire his composure and his ability to formulate extended argument 'live.'  My experiments with live video and video production continue, but I have learned that I face some challenges, ahem.

Anyway, Vox Day basically argues that the Q-phenomena does good, contra Adams persuasive argument that Q is destructive.  I'll plug in the two Adams videos here or below when both become available.  If you want to get Scott Adams on his Periscope channel -- it is the primary feed from which the parallel Youtube re-use is taken:

[Added by WSS: the Adams - "How to Know"  video]



** Periscope is an adjunct to Twitter, owned by Twitter.  As a plain old web site and as a separate 'app' on a smartphone or tablet in either Android or Apple flavours,  it broadcasts video live, along with sidebars of comments.  Here's a screenscast of the thing as it appears when you log in  to the main page -- a feast of videos recorded live from around the world.


Adams's Periscope is kind of fun for his active audience as he often says hello to his regulars, and responds to a variety of questions ... and almost always has a simultaneous sip of coffee with the gang.  Periscope records all those bits ...


-- and yes, Periscope fits itself into Twitter like a leg into a silk stocking, which insertion is itself insidious.  It is dead easy and free to embed a Periscope seamlessly into a tweet. All you need is a wee camera and an internet connection. Checkez ça:

Persuasion is such a fascinating subject, and Adams a quite interesting practitioner, IMHO.

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Added upload of Adams on Q-truth, fixed spellink & grammaire
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You could find the tweet where Scott embedded the video.

Here's the process.

1. Go to Scott Adams's Twitter channel. (If in doubt, type Scott Adams in the "Search Twitter" field. His channel among other things will appear. Click on his name or channel name.)

2. Scroll down and find the video or tweet you want.

3. Get the embed code. Make sure the "include media" box is checked.

4. On OL, open the "Source" view in the post.

5. Paste and publish.

Here's an example:




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I forget if I already loaded this up.  It's Scott Adams on the truthiness of Syria Sarin claims (Sarin is a nerve-agent, not a gas. Question four on your exam):

"Trouble brewing in Syria, again" @ 0:13.

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