Chicago Thug Fail and Hot Dogs

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Chicago Thug Fail and Hot Dogs

This is true, not just humor.

The thug's not laughing, though.

Suspect Robs Chicago Hot Dog Stand, Accidentally Shoots Self in Penis

In short, a 19 year old hoodie-clad thug held up a hot dog stand in Chicago. As he was trying to make a getaway, he shifted his gun in his waistband and shot his... er... baloney pony. :)

One of the hot dog dudes wrestled with him, but he managed to run off. And the thug himself called the cops to rescue him because he didn't see much future with a shot sausage and his bratwurst bleeding all over everything.

I'm trying to work catchup into a quip, but since there was real blood, everything that comes to mind sounds too trite and dongadoodle drained, if you know what I mean...

How's this?

I guess it hurt.

Oh well...

Mphhh... mmphhhh... mmmphhhhh




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