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Someone with a name meant to obscure might reenter the forum under their real name. My avatar, Sparks the cat, is still living but sleeping a lot more, and I may keep her likeness during the years to come. Some anonymity is a good thing. Which reminds me of Obj get-togethers. My, my, did you notice how much they had aged since we last saw them?    

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3 hours ago, Peter said:

Someone with a name meant to obscure might reenter the forum under their real name.


Notice that, didja?


They also might reenter the forum under a different pseudonym. This happens a lot.

As to the opening post, I don't think about people who leave. Not on any level that matters. My position is everyone has to decide what is good for their lives. If they stay, that means they believe it is good to stay and that is good for OL. If they leave, that means they would not think they are doing good for themselves when they participate, so their leaving is good for OL.

As a curiosity, though, some people make you wonder. What goes on in the mind of someone who nobody pays attention to on a venue, then this person makes a point of announcing--on the venue--he is rejecting those folks? Does he think it will matter to them? It won't. But it does matter to him, otherwise he wouldn't have done it.

I can feel the loneliness and need for approval, but I don't know what to do about it without any substantive information. A pseudonym and cryptic declarations are not enough to establish any kind of knowledge or value. All I can do is wish him well on his course through life, and I do. May he achieve his dreams (unless he is a serial killer or something. :) )


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