This One Got To Me - Child Bullying Pranks

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This One Got To Me - Child Bullying Pranks

My parents were not exactly like the DaddyOFive folks below when I was growing up--they screamed less and the pranks were way different--but they were in the ballpark. They sure did a hell of a lot of mocking, yelling and bullying. (And whipping with the belt for punishment, but that's outside the prank topic.)

I was super gullible as a kid. Multiply by 10--that level of gullible. In fact, I think I am a light Aspie or something because of that and the fact that I don't feel certain emotions like envy. So my parents were always telling me wrong stuff and saying it was true so they could laugh at me.

I loathed it.




And there was a lot of it.

That's why I think the videos below got to me. Especially little Cody.

Especially little Cody.

Since the bullying prank videos have been removed from the DaddyOFive channel, here is another person commenting on this case with some footage.

I'm not big on these parents losing custody of their kids because I'm not big on big government. And I'm definitely no fan of all those SJW folks tut-tut-tutting in collective righteousness because I know how cruel they generally are in other situations. But I swear, in this case, I'm tempted to reconsider.

Damn morons...

The SJW commenters, clueless in their own right, say it's about the money. No. This is not about the money--well, maybe a little. But that's not the main motivation.

I have lived this. It's about blockheaded grown-ups getting a kick out of making small helpless victims suffer, but thinking it's all right because in the end, there is no real danger and it's all a prank. They probably get a kick out of making animals suffer like that, too.

I know my grandfather did. He used to starve a chihuahua for a day or two, then put a piece of meat just outside the reach of his collar and chain and laugh as the dog choked himself trying to get the food. But it was OK to him because in the end he fed the dog. As far as I know, he only did this when he was drunk. I know about it because when my mother saw that, she became furious and took the dog. This dog (Keela) become the family pet as I grew up. 

In other words, in one moment, my parent were the sadists, and in another, they were the heroes.

I look back on all the conflicting signals I received as a kid and wonder how I made it. (Then I remember all the booze and drugs I consumed over the years and stop wondering. :) )

I quip, but when I think about the DaddyOFive folks, I suddenly want to spit.

God knows I loved my parents, and I know--just from what little I saw--these DaddyOFive folks are not bad people, but I despise this side of them. There are no words to convey how deep the loathing runs.

And there's the goddam Stockholm syndrome to gum up the works fine and dandy. Because when I do a deep dive inside my soul, even about the loathing, I look on in awe. Knowing everything I know after carrying this crap over a lifetime, and feeling everything I feel, I still manage to think--with certainty--that my parents didn't know... Even the DaddyOFive folks... They just didn't know the pain and rage and guilt and shame they caused... That if they knew, they wouldn't have done it...

Over and over and over and over and over...

Hell and damnation...



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