Who Needs Grunts?


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During the time when Cro Magnons and Neanderthals co-existed and met, there was some interbreeding between them. Ben Klassen was opposed to this mixing of the 2 races and he started a religion for the Cro Magnon man. He wrote some books, including "Nature's Eternal Religion" and "The Cro Magnon Bible". He was thumbs down on Neanderthals and regarded the Cro Magnon race as nature's finest and wanted to keep it pure. Maybe you think I'm making this up but you can do a search on Ben Klassen and you will find that Ben Klassen was a real person.

I will quote parts from one of his writings under the title "Who Needs Grunts?" If you think I'm not quoting this right, you can look this up too.



Grunts are grunts. We use the term "grunt" deliberately in this book and recommend its usage in general conversation and writings by the members of our church. [ The word 'grunt' was an insult racist word for Neanderthals, not used in polite society. ]   .....

Deadly Enemies. We of the Cro Magnon Movement recognize the grunts as the foremost of our deadly enemies, ... We regard all the ape races as a grave menace to our further existence on this planet.  ......

Bottom of the Ladder. Among all these races, the grunts are undoubtedly at the lowest scale of the ladder dubiously called the human race. We of the Cro Magnon Movement disclaim any common racial denominator with the grunts, the same as we do regarding monkeys. We regard them as either sub-human, or humanoid, and recognize them as being closer to the animal kingdom than any species of humanity as exemplified by the Cro Magnon race. ....

Utter Savage. As we have said, the grunt represents the lowest scale in the human ladder, if he can be included in the human group at all. We of the Cro Magnon Movement believe he does not deserve the "human" classification and for good reason. Throughout recorded history of the last 6000 years the grunt has invented nothing. He has not so much as invented the wheel.  .... He has never progressed beyond the common mud-hut as a means of shelter, the construction of which is barely beyond that being built by beavers or muskrats. He has never produced a written language.

[ He goes on and says those grunts who have any intelligence are those who have Cro Magnon genes in them. And he is thumbs down on mongrelization of the Cro Magnon race. ]



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18 minutes ago, Brant Gaede said:

Grunts are were on the ground soldiers.


The modern world is divided into two classes:  The Suits  and The Grunts.  

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