Pi day?


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Today,  as I type this in,  is 3/14  of the year 2017 c.e.   The wits and the wags  refer to this day as Pi Day because 3.14  is an approximation to pi.  Well, it is a bad approximation.  If  wheels were constructed using this paltry number as an approximation to  π  the rides would be very bumpy and tires would soon wear out. 

Last year  was not as bad. 3.1416  is not that bad an approximation of  π.  It is only of by .000018 or there about.

By the way π  is not only an irrational number  but it is  also not algebraic.  It can only be approximated by an infinite series or an infinite product.  It is not the ratio on integers nor can it be constructed by taking roots. 

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