Thinking in Principles Material (not just Objectivism)


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Hello all,

I would like to study in depth the idea of thinking in (first) principles. I'll want to answer some questions, such as when do you know you've reached the highest abstraction in the context, what exactly makes a principle a principle, how do you find "the one in many", i.e. a recurring principle in many examples, how do you deduce/induce? a principle from facts.


Could you kindly point me to some material helpful in studying the above? I like Objectivism's focus on principles in this way, however, I don't mean to only study Objectivist sources -- I know some of the ancient Greeks were concerned with this topic as well. 

Please mention any and all you'd think would be contributive to my quest! 







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Peikoff defines a principle as a conceptual first cause in The Art of Thinking lecture series, which is good.  Someone on the OO forum took some (sparse) notes:

I listened to Peikoff's lecture series first, then Barbara Branden's Principles of Efficient Thinking later.  Some of what Peikoff covered in his course, Barbara Branden did years earlier.  I like them both in relation to this topic, Barbara Branden's also has psychology in it while Peikoff's is more epistemological.  Both will go over principles from facts, conceptualizing, essences, etc.

Wanted to add that I think Barbara Branden's course is one of the best in Objectivism, and Peikoff's course is good, specifically as it relates to this topic.

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