sharia law cartoons


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Some are OK, but several are bigotry.

Let's put a lid on this. I don't want to waste time deleting things or moving this to the Garbage Pile, but I will if it keeps up.

You do not fight bigotry with bigotry and win.

You lose. And you cause everyone around you to lose. Why?

Because you become a bigot yourself and try to get everyone around you to be a bigot.

OL is not a site to promote bigotry.

It's about ideas. Philosophy. Reason. Understanding. And so on.

When a person can't--or won't--understand that religion+government is the essence of sharia that should be lampooned, and they opt for goat-fucking, pedophilia, etc., as their targets, they have no clue about what OL stands for. And that goes for lampooning religion+government, but sneaking in goat-fucking and pedophilia under that cover.

Besides, there's a really toxic thing going on here with Jerry's approach. There is no one form of sharia. All forms are incompatible with the US form of government but only some sharia-governed countries condone the really nasty stuff. Treating them all as if they were into mutilation as punishment, sex slaves, and so on is cognitively wrong. It's an incorrect identification. It's a spiteful collectivist evaluation of a misidentified variety--which is the essence of bigotry. There are Muslim countries that have had women leaders, fer kerisssakes.

Once again, the essence of sharia is religion+government. It is not goat-fucking.

Bash sharia. I've no problem with that. Sharia, and the attempt to sneak it into the US, should be bashed as should every attempt to raise religion from culture to the level of the law. I do have a problem with the way it is done here (except for some of the cartoons).


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