Ignominy of POD again

Wolf DeVoon

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Valor cover small.jpg  http://www.lulu.com/shop/wolf-devoon/a-portrait-of-valor/paperback/product-23004251.html

It's official. Tough male private investigators "are no longer viable as protagonists" according to The Atlantic magazine. The elite have settled my hash -- and yours, too. Good joke on me as a writer. Rejections have been lightning quick, and it had little to do with plot or literary style. I don't regret the time I spent creating A Portrait of Valor. It will have to be self-published and forgotten. No payday and no sequels because it's culturally incorrect for authors to celebrate heterosexual love. That said, Google Maps verified that the crappy old office building at Hollywood and Highland is still there and girls are still wearing cute shoes on the street outside. There's a neon dance joint on Pico, full of dope pushers and dumbbells being deafened by subwoofers. I got those details of modern life right.

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