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I didn't get destruction so much as non-participation.  Inventing an alternate way of living, using a different form of money and just dropping out of the pay your taxes and live a mindless existence by the rules of the elite power mongers.  Not scary to the Trumps of the world who would just trade with them, terrifying to the Clintonites.  I spent decades reading the anarchist literature, I'm comfortable with the intellectual types who just want to be left alone.  I have trouble with trying to define rights, personal or property, without a structure and philosophy of defending them.  Without a police force every person walking down the street without the expertise and means to defend themselves with deadly force essentially has no rights in an anarchist society.  An invitation to thuggery.  That's the trouble I have with anarchism.  But, private money, private exchanges, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, real capitalism and markets in everything, what's not to like?  The millennials who hate the right and the left?  Maybe Anonymous appeals to them, maybe they're smart enough to realize what they criticize as "capitalism" is nothing of the kind and come around to Von Mises and the Austrians.  Could happen.  Fuck the socialists and Marxists and hippies.  I don't think that's what Anonymous is, Marxists and hippies and Sander supporters.  I could be wrong, I'm just an old man, 99.9999% ignorant.  (Last month it was only 99.999%, but I'm older and wiser now).

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