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I hear that the DNC has arranged for a large number of women who are mothers of young black men shot by police to appear at the convention.  The idea is to reinforce the false narrative that police are racist and killing young black men in disproportionate numbers.  One of the women is the mother of Michael Brown, who Eric Holder's Justice department reluctantly concluded was trying to kill the police officer who had to shoot him out of self-defense.  That they would include her tells me that they have reached a high level of confidence that they are no longer bound by the truth or any facts in their push to incite fear and hatred for their political ends.

This goes so far beyond cheap pandering for the black vote.  It is identity politics being placed ahead of the very life our culture.  Where did we lose the commonsense it takes to say, "Hey, that's racist and extremely dangerous"?

Progressives have sanctioned Black Lives Matters even after the organization held marches where the chants were calls to kill cops.  Representatives of this group have gone, by invitation, to the white house, have met with Hillary, and will be at the Democratic Convention.

And now we have had two separate incidents where cops were hunted down and killed by angry, young black men.  This is the ugly dead end of identity politics.  It is Hillary Clinton willing to ignore the incendiary climate her calls for policing the police are having when the temperature has already reached the point where body bags are being filled.

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