html5 vs adobe flash

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Adobe Flash is crawling with bugs. It averages 6 bugs per week. It's been around for 18 years and by now should be more bug free than that. It goes into a loop and requires me to restart my computer. That kind of bug is unacceptable. From now on I will not have adobe flash on my computer. It is a piece of s***. 

The FSF is working on a flash substitute called gnash but it is not ready and the FSF is slower than molasses in January in getting its high priority projects done. Look how long they are taking to get HURD done. Gnash will go the way of HURD.

But html5 plays videos. Maybe it's not fully developed (or maybe it is) but if so, that will change.

Adobe Flash's time is up. It is obsolete. Lay it to rest. Get the damn thing off your computer.

I got rid of adobe flash and then I found I could still play youtube videos. I did the right click on the video and it was html5.


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Im too am using HTML You Tube flash as a plug in. Videos dont run automatically on mine, for each instance I choose whether to run Adobe.

RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) multiplies instances of bugs. ;)  

Get SMART (Self Monitoring and Analysis and Reporting Technology), the early detection will deal with buggy hdd's. ) On reboot my 2 computers revealed an hdd early warning. I found an app to copy bit by bit to a new and bigger hdd.

Get wise and get rid of Java or at the least the browser plug in. ) 

Id have moved to Linux and did try the Mint flavored version. If it werent for the lack of a compatible, to me, email client (like Outlook) in Linux, Id have moved on from MS. I disabled MS from downloading Win10. Now that was annoying!

Welcome and thx for this episode of computer talk. )


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