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Listen at FMNN eRadio - Guest: Tibor R. Machan

WILLIE NELSON: This great singer was recently the target of a shocking marijuana bust. Ethics Professor Tibor Machan examines the fine line between the legitimate and ridiculous.

Read Tibor Machan's related article: Willie Nelson - Public Enemy?

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When you go to the site, you will find a link:

Download and play later (Right Click this link and choose Save Target As)

Click on it with the right button on your mouse. A small popup window will appear and one of the options will be "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" or something like that. Click on that option with the left mouse button. A new window will open up for you to choose where you want to save the audio file. Then click "OK" or "Save" or whatever the button is called in your system. After that, load this file in a media program to hear it.

Here is what is happening. You are trying to listen to the broadcast directly from the Internet, which usually means over your telephone line, and there is too much information in the broadcast file for the size of your connection to work properly. So you save what is called an "audio file" to your hard disk physically inside your computer. This is a file that contains the entire broadcast and it is operated by a media program like Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player or something like that. When you play it from your hard disk, you are using only the connections inside your computer, so it runs just fine.

Here is a tip. If you have difficulty remembering where files are located, write the name of the file down on a piece of paper before you save it to your hard disk. Then you can use the "search for file" function that all computers have. Once the file appears, just click on it twice and it will automatically load the media program to play it.

Also, make sure you delete the file later (you can use the "search for file" function to do this, too) if you don't want it anymore because media files are usually large. They take up a lot of room on your hard disk with garbage.


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