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Way back in the 1970s, T. C. Fry offered a 2 (two) year course of studies followed by an internship. At the end of this you got a PhD and you could call yourself a Natural Hygiene doctor, at least according to T. C. Fry. The rest of the NH community did not necessarily go along with this and obviously nobody outside the NH community went along with this. T. C. Fry was a controversial character even within the NH community, and he was a character.

T. C. Fry died prematurely of protein deficiency; see Dr. Vetrano's book about his death. The autopsy showed that organs were being dismantled for their protein. [ 1 ] B12 deficiency probably contributed to his death. [ 2 ] Ozone treatment (contrary to his system) probably contributed. [ 3 ] The fact that he used physical activity as a substitute for sleep and rest no doubt contributed to his premature death. [ 4 ] He fasted one day per week, which is probably bad for health because it breaks down body protein. [ 5 ] The fact that he took a bullet to his head at point blank range contributed to his health problems. After the bullet, for some years he had periodic blackouts. [ 6 ] He got into a serious accident when he had a blackout while driving a car, with additional damage to his health. [ 7 ] But his biggest mistake probably was fruitarianism, to the point of deficiency of protein.

Dr. Vetrano tells the story of a young woman who followed T. C. Fry and got into health problems. Dr. Vetrano diagnosed the case as a pure protein deficiency. This is rare because usually when there is a protein deficiency, there is also deficiency of other nutrients. But this was only protein deficiency, nothing else. Vetrano prescribed a handful of nuts each day; in 3 weeks all her health problems vanished. Just add some nuts to the diet and it seems to be okay.

With the link below you can download for free a pdf file consisting of 2380 pages. This pdf file gives you the entire 2 year course of studies. All that is missing is the internship. But be careful about fruitarianism. It seems to work for Mr. Fruitarian, the ultra-marathon runner and Loren Lockman but fruitarianism requires extraordinary efficiency in the use of nutrients.

2380 pages for free

worth every penny


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