Happy Birthday, Tibor (and, sadly, RIP)

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Today (March 18) is Tibor Machan's birthday.

Robert Campbell


(Note from MSK: Sadly, Tibor passed away on March 24. The title of this thread has been altered to mention his passing.)

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I am so sad, and I know Becky will be too, once I am able to tell her about it. (I'm visiting family in Iowa, and it's past midnight back home in Tennessee.) We visited back and forth with Tibor, and he was always an enjoyable dinner companion, as well as a great cook! (His schnitzel recipe was killer!)

Tibor was also one of my earliest supporters, encouraging me and publishing me when possible in his journal, Reason Papers . And he was probably the most prolific Objectivist-Libertarian I know, with the possible exception of Murray Rothbard. Tibor wrote a lot, and he was a tireless champion for reason and liberty.

Farewell, my friend. 


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Good man and a real thinker.

We lose another giant messenger...



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Get used to it, guys.  I have buried more old friends, than have made new ones.  It is the sad but necessary legacy of advancing time.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics is true and altogether necessary.  Progress is possible only if    the major processes of life are irreversible. 

R.I.P.  Tibor.  

Ba'al Chatzaf 

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I'd just heard from Tibor on his birthday, under a week ago.

He was indeed tireless.  If he thought he could advance the cause of liberty by writing something, he wrote it.  If by giving a speech, he went and gave it.

If I ran into Tibor at a conference, I always knew it would be a good one.

Robert Campbell

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“In my memoir, The Man Without a Hobby (2004), I quote from a letter Rand wrote me back in 1962. It goes like this: ‘. . . I want to stress, as the most important advice I can give you, that no matter what intellectual errors you may make in the future, do not ever accept the idea that rationality is evil or that it can ever be proper to discard your mind. So long as you hold this as an absolute, you will be safe, no matter what errors you make. But if one doubts or rejects one’s own mind, one commits an act of spiritual suicide and the greatest evil possible to man.’” Tibor

On January 7, 2012 at 6:43 AM, Guyau said:

Reality, Reason, and Rights

(Lexington 2011)

This festschrift for Tibor Machan has been a long time in the making, and it appears it will have been worth the wait. It looks to be a collection living up to the caliber of Tibor's philosophical achievements.



Note from David Kelleyfrom Chris Sciabarra

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