City of Hamburg Germany bans K-Cups


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Kaffe jah!  K-Cups nein!  Hamburg Germany bans K-cups in government office buildings.

Please see;

Sieg Gruen!  Sieg Gruen!!!!

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I seem to remember a brohaha that came about when Nestles was sued overseas over the idea of a proprietary container. Some years ago. Last Xmas I was looking into buying a K cup 2.0 but decided against because of the few choices available. I found a cheaters way of overcoming it on You Tube and finally came to terms with my narrowed coffee interest. STARBUCKS BABY! Verstehen? Mox nix. Ich du lieber caffein mein fruend.

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Try switching to Italian, or, Latin Expresso rather than regular coffee. 

It is pure jet fuel and works great.


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