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Rich Engle

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Hey All (those of you that remember me).

Been like forever but I had to make decisions on how to use my time to get my work out there, do what I am primarily supposed to be doing, all that. But I think of many of you all the time, esp. Mike K. of course. Been through many journeys with that fellow.

So anyway, I continue to teach guitar, of course, but the main focus is the studio work. Various projects in the works. Main one is the Wright-Engle Duo. I work with a really incredible piano-playing monster of a lady. She's clasically-trained, but does a lot of blues, other things.

The music is very diverse from electo weird to classical to blues to textural things we are developing for soundtracks.

If you want to hear it, you might find something in there in one style or another. Just trying to be little old us. Reverb Nation helps a lot; there are some pieces there, plus a little introductory video. Take a look if so inclined--we're doing pretty well for a young act and any listens, fanning, whatever, it's all good. There's a lot of good stuff there all kind of people do if you look around. You musical types if you are not on, give it a whirl!

Best to you all, I'll try to catch up in between the mad workflow.

We are here: www.reverbnation.com/janawrightrichardengleduo

Be Well!
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Good to see you...If I sent Christmas cards you would get one...



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I love and miss all you guys. I finally figured out if you work super hard you can fit things you love into your workflow.

Rally! I'll dig in, on break right now and poke about . . .:)

The duo site is here: www.reverbnation.com/janawrightrichardengleduo

Some classical, some just nuts but do check in if you wish.

And yeah, I forgot how to put a hotlink on here. Call me old school but I will perform an Invest-Ah-Gashun 'n c what chall doin' hear lately.



Missed y'all but in truth I still speak and write regularly 'Merkin Anglish :)

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There's a lot of good stuff out there. Reverb Nation can get you there, but it's an ocean. So many, but there's a great band in Europe called "Breeze," that would be good for a lot of folks.

On the other side (NY in this case) there is a very good house sort of fellow that does soundtracks and game music but when he gets bored he goes out under "Pianomime" and yes, that's how he looks, a piano playing mime. I mean there's tons. http://reverbnation.com/janawrightrichardengleduo is our place, we are in the instrumental category so if you look at some of the artists there, the sky is the limit.

Best to all!


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