Can Women Survive without Men?

Darrell Hougen

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Brant writes:

Woman smarter

Yes I say

Smarter than man

In every way!

You are SO right, Brant! :laugh:

My wife is the brains in our outfit and I'm happily grateful she chose to marry me.

We make a good team as we're both pioneer settlers who built Galt's Gulch together. :smile:


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Another story from the same source:

They separated men and women on two separate islands where they had to survive (and cooperate) for 6 weeks. The women did'nt do so well. The men built shelters, beds, hunting parties, fishing lines and had a surplus of food. About half of the women were taken off the island and came near starvation on several occasions. Still they made it but they had help. A revealing quote:

On the women's island: 'a muddy pool was dug out and lined to provide a stable fresh-water source'.

Can they survive? Yes, maybe barely and not to the same degree. Many would perish. Men are more psychologically (and physically) adapted to the rigors of survival. That is fact. The very definition of masculinity is "strength". Men throughout history were responsible for the vast majority of productive, scientific and engineering advancements and this continues to be true.

It also, from an evolutionary perspective, might be the reason for the phenomenon we call "love". A woman forming an emotional bond to a strong, capable man might increase her chances of survival.

I'd never heard of this show before, so I had to familiarize myself. I stand by all my prior statements that diversity is best, so long-term both the men and the women would benefit from being together, not separate. For instance, this article states that the women made a fire and found edible vegetation more quickly than the men. Given that the men created safe shelter more quickly than the women, the obvious conclusion would be that they are stronger together.

As for the so-called revealing quote implying that the women had to have show producers provide a water source, well, yeah it's true that they did. Because there wasn't a natural water source on the women's island. The men's island had "several large natural water sources." Bear Grylls, the show's creator, has apparently repeatedly defended his choice to supplement resources on every season of the show. Creating a water source where one didn't naturally exist is part of that.

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They needed three islands. One for a normal mixed sex control group. Also, continue for a longer period of time. It's all bogus crap of course. The real reality is what happened on Pitcairn Island with the isolated mixed sex mixed male race groupings.

Here's what's interesting: China. What is going to happen to the 70 million young men for whom there are no women? What will be the overall consequences?


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