Negative Thermodynamic Temperatures!!! -- Hoodathunkit???


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Please have a look at this:\

and this

and this

NB: Baez is a very good expositor. Read as much of him as you can. He is tops.

This is achieved by manipulating electron and nuclear spin. This also has some amazing possible consequences -- decreasing the entropy of the cosmos (by just a teeny bit). This is a quantum effect and cannot be done by classical thermodynamic means.

Classically, the 2LOT (second law of thermodynamics) is as solid as can be. It has never been falsified, but in the quantum domain, some damned strange things can happen. Stuff like negative thermodynamic temperature and the Cassimir effect may lead to some energy sources that could not even be imagined a century ago.

We are living in some very interesting times.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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