That Time of Year - the "D" Word

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That Time of Year - the "D" Word

Once again we are requesting donations to help keep things rolling along here on OL.

I want to repeat part of a post from 2013:

I was generously reminded of "D" day offline by an OL member wishing to donate.

Thanks for the reminder--you know who you are. :smile:

(If you want to come out of the woodworks, that's fine. If not, I respect your privacy.)

Kat and I bear the brunt and guarantee of OL existing for many, many years to come, and we will continue to do so regardless of what happens, but the help we have received from you--our donors--has been wonderful in alleviating the pressure, especially during price increases, emergencies, equipment upgrades, etc. Some of you donate during my requests and others have donated during the year. Just knowing there are donors has helped me maintain my cool when the clouds have darkened for OL, and for that Kat and I am grateful to each and every one of you.

It's people like you that allows people like us to keep OL running smoothly and not go crazy. :smile:

And, if you can't donate, like I said in the opening post last year, we love you just the same. The important thing is for our little community to flourish. Your participation, even if it is only as a reader and lurker, is important.

Many thanks once again to all.

And especially to the person who reminded me to ask again. (I sometimes think I would forget my head somewhere if it wasn't screwed onto my neck. :smile: )

I probably could add to that and jazz it up, but it describes perfectly how Kat and I feel. Believe it or not, the same person reminded me again this year. :)

Donating is easy. (The hard part is parting with money. :) )

There is a big orange button at the top and bottom of every page with the word "Donate" on it. Click on it and follow the simple instructions.

So please help out if you can.

Whatever you decide, we love you all.


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Well, I will donate at the first of the month, of course, of course.

Donating to Trump is not a problem in my book but it is good to say that up front to the donators who are supporting Paul, Rubio, Carly, Carson, or Cruz. In addition donating to a billionaire has a certain irony but it would also be a statement to the world. I received a call from Rand Paul's supporters around dinner time last night and I hung up. I previously told them I donate online only.

I will support the most pro liberty candidate who is electable.


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I will support the most pro liberty candidate who is electable.


If the Republican primary were held today in Maryland, who would that candidate be?

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