Best Ayn Rand reference link on the web

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Objectivism Reference Center

This is my all-time favorite web-link for information on Ayn Rand - both pro and con. It out-classes all others by far.

Typically, it is a private concern. (How Objectivist can you get?)

The owner's name is Richard Lawrence.


(NOTE: For a while this site was off the air. The discussion below concerns information that was in this post but has now been deleted. The discussion is self-explanatory.)

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Unfortunately, this domain registration expired and was not renewed (discussion here) You can see the last update to the site via the Wayback Machine at the following url:

I have changed the link in the Master Link Listing to go to the archive. There is a link to Wayback Machine for Full Context as well. If there are any other Objectivism sites that are no longer active and should be linked to an archive, please let me know.


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Unfortunately, this domain registration expired and was not renewed

As you may have already realized, the registration was subsequently renewed. I should note that the URL on the master list was typed incorrectly, so the link shown there is invalid. The link at the top of the first post in this thread is correct. You might want to update the post to remove the "no longer works" comment and the Wayback link.

My apologies to anyone thrown off by the temporary loss of the site. It was purely an oversight on my part in not renewing the domain, and I didn't notice for a while because I was busy with other concerns and not checking on the ORC. The site was reactivated some time ago, but I just discovered this discussion of the problem while doing a web search, so I wanted to update you on the matter.


Richard Lawrence

Webmaster, Objectivism Reference Center

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It is an honor to see you here.

I was aware when the site went back up. This thread slipped through the cracks. Thanks for the heads up and I will make the changes immediately (including the one in the Master Link Listing section).

For anyone reading this, I highly recommend a visit to Richard's site.


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