The stomp clap

Derek McGowan

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Does anyone know the origin of the stomp clap? Is their a recorded origin? When I see it in movies it is depicted in a older black church with the wooden floors and acoustics providing a very distinct and pleasurable sound. Is that where is started?

An example is in this video after the first chorus/bridge. You don't see them doing it but you just hear the sound.

this is a very good sound by the way in my opinion and almost perfect music video (as in one that doesn't become a feature film with special effects, action and drama) with the focus on the artists

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That is good. Very rousing, and it reminds me of stadium cheers like, "We will, we will, rock you!" And this artist reminds me of the style of British singer, Adele . . . We could have had it all . . . and Rumor has it.

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