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Gee. I don't know.

Let me think on it.

I'll give you my answer in the morning.

--I feel pressure

There there Brant don't worry, it will be all right...


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Ok I have a question. Can anyone just post to the blog? Are there rules there?

I saw some rules for posting Articles, but not on the blog. I might have missed it.

I wanted to post a few of the business tales that I've written up. For instance, "How a Windy Day Defeated Steve Jobs." They're meant for business professionals. And any feedback is definitely desired!

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What blog are you talking about? The normal forum?

Sometimes people make this mistake and call one the other.

If you are interested, OL does have a blog feature. Just click the square menu button at the top called "Blog."

Not only can OL members open discussion threads on the forum and make comments in general, they can also set up their own blogs.


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Sorry for taking so long to respond. Been working on some projects and a move.

I'll post something as a blog and if you think it needs to be taken down that's fine. I'm looking to see if these business tales I've written are of use to anyone here.


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