What you need to know about Egyptian drivers


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Collectively American drivers have gotten safer generation after generation. Throw in foreign born drivers and the collective mix is degraded. The US is the safest country to drive in of any statistical significance even though the mayhem would be reduced 30 - 40 percent except for the role of alcohol.

The Ford Crown Vic has to be one of the safest, most substantial cars on the road. That the passengers--both passengers--were ejected implies extremely high speed and recklessness. Why the high speed? So the driver can get another fare sooner.


bet the driver rolled the car and it's a hard car to roll--it was probably an ex-cop car--the cab companies buy them cheap and lease them dear and while they are highly maintained, even up to 400,000 miles, being an ex-cop car the car do up to 135 mph unless the chip was switched out--and if you do more than 105 you better have high speed tires (the cab was likely doing 85 - 95)

movie-makers gin up mathematical geniuses for dramatic effect, having no idea of how such geniuses actually comport themselves respecting mathematics and socially, nor should they or they'd make boring movies--they do somewhat better with music geniuses for us hoi polloi can hear music, not see the math, and for painters we can see the canvases, etc.--I haven't seen the movie about Nash but suspect there's little math or Nash actually into math

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I'm not sure if reading something from vdare.com is worth my time...

to my understanding, every country which has recently adopting driving as a form of transportation has more accidents than any country where has been driving common for more than 100 years... it has nothing to do with Egypt... Egypt has become a bunching bag lately, despite the relative stability I am optimistic that the economy of egypt will grow.

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I’m concerned with America’s culture not Egypt’s economy.

America may be the safest of all countries in which to drive but unrestricted immigration makes it less safe.

Vdare.com is a great source for immigration news from an “immigration patriot” point of view. The epithet “immigration patriot” isn’t obviously descriptive but that’s what Vdare calls people who oppose further immigration for a time, especially from Third World countries.

If you care about America then reading Vdare is well worth your time. One point of the article referenced in post #1 is that the government should respect our right to discriminate. The so-called Civil Rights Act of the 1960s (actually there was more than one) violated that freedom – broadly speaking the freedom of assembly.

Letting trash like Tark Girgis into the country is part and parcel with forbidding us to discriminate against them once they are here.

The writers at the self-styled Ayn Rand Institute are outspoken in support of unrestricted immigration. They are indistinguishable from cultural leftists. What Yaron Brook said about anchor babies, of course without using that phrase, is just as applicable to Egyptian cab drivers. The following, quoted in “Open Borders and Individual Rights,” is authentic word for word:

“I believe that people who are today struggling and fighting to come to the United States are acting heroically. My standard for heroism is a person trying to make the best life that they can make for themselves. A pregnant woman in Mexico who wants a better life for her child, and is therefore willing to struggle through what it takes today to cross over the border illegally into the United States is heroically trying to make her life, and her child’s life, better by coming to America. I don’t think that should be condemned, I think indeed that should be praised. She’s a hero for trying to make her life a better life by coming here ...”

He doesn't conclude by saying “And to hell with America as you knew it.” That would be too revealing.

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Restricted immigration makes it harder to get in meaning your labor as an illegal will be more remunerative than if the borders were wide open. But that's trite. If you're an American in America you're more likely to favor restrictions, all considered, than if you're an American of the world, taken to an extreme, and not caring in the least. The ideologues at the ARI, if these reports are correct, occupy a completely impractical position. It's cultural and economic suicide with no out--no place to go or repair to. This is now happening elsewhere--in southern Europe and SE Asia. The failure of a parent country to take care of its citizens with freedom is much more an incentive to immigrate than mere material reward unless one is completely desperate--and some are--to provide for one's loved ones. Ultimately, because of technology and relative ease of travel, even if the trip risk is death, and cultural mixing through communicative technologies--the gravity of it all--countries will be leveled and elevated to a more common base and the ARI position will come true, but the ideal will follow the facts. The ARI has put the cart ahead of the horse--the horse of human action.


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