Free Range Children - The State of Maryland Should Be Taken To Federal Court

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What could that mean under Maryland statutes "unsubstantiated" child neglect ...I am so glad that I am not raising my children now because there would probably be a serious confrontation at some point in time.





Two Maryland children who got national attention as the "free range kids" because of their parents' decision to let them roam alone were taken into custody again Sunday by Child Protective Services.


Danielle and Sasha Meitiv's children, ages 6 and 10, were picked up by police on Sunday at around 5 p.m., and taken to Child Protective Services. A neighbor apparently saw the children walking alone and called 911 to report it. FOX 5's Marina Marraco reports the children were walking about a third of a mile from home at the time.

Danielle Meitiv tells FOX 5 she had told her kids to be home by 6:30 p.m., and when they weren't, she and her husband became frantic and started driving around looking for them.


The Meitivs say CPS didn't call them to let them know they had the kids until about 8 p.m. The Meitivs drove to CPS to pick up their kids, but say they were told to "take a seat" and initially weren't given any information about their children, except that they were there.

Just after 10:30 p.m., the Meitivs were reunited with their kids. They had to sign a temporary safety plan to take them home, which means they are not allowed to leave the children unattended at all.


I have seen one or two videos where these children spoke and the young man seems quite capable of handling the situation.









Some of the apparently relevant sections of Maryland


>>>> 22 Hearings.. An individual who is identified as an alleged abuser or alleged neglector in an investigation resulting in an indicated or unsubstantiated finding may request a hearing in accordance with COMAR 07.02.26.


Citation: Fam. Law § 5-701

'Neglect' means leaving a child unattended or other failure to give proper care and attention to a child by any parent or other person who has permanent or temporary care or custody or responsibility for supervision of the child under circumstances that indicate:

    That the child's health or welfare is harmed or placed at substantial risk of harm
    Mental injury to the child or a substantial risk of mental injury

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Once the cops are called--get involved--they are professionally compelled to do certain things. If they didn't and something bad consequently happens the liability could be in the millions.


so, why were they called, again?

CPS apparently has displaced police judgment of decades past when "free range children" often had police lectures about what they were doing they shouldn't be doing and then allowed to go home--that's the primary abomination, not an overly concerned citizen (I believe in too much concern as such--it's always been there protecting children as in implicit supplemental parenting)

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People have gotten so overly concerned with children's safety and the funny part is that many of those overly protective parents themselves didn't grow up under such restrictive rules.

There is too little faith given to a child's ability to explore their environment and too much gravity given to the threat of kidnappers.

Personally I think that if you are 8+ years old, and you don't live near a deep body of water or a dense forest (or maybe a major highway) then you should be sent out on your own. Get some exercise, explore, get away from your parents, learn your surroundings.

I know when I was growing up, I would tell my mother I was going for a walk and she would say "ok" and I'd be miles away from home for hours. If your child doesn't know enough to not get in the car with a stranger then you are simply doing a poor job of parenting

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I know when I was growing up, I would tell my mother I was going for a walk and she would say "ok" and I'd be miles away from home for hours. If your child doesn't know enough to not get in the car with a stranger then you are simply doing a poor job of parenting

You are a terrible man!!

Now you made all those incompetent parents who should not raise plants "feel" "bad."

Look what you have done to their self esteem!

Sure, all you people who won life's lottery, have no compassion for us little girls and boys1

etc. etc. and the marxist tape just keeps on playing that same sad song...

Of course you are 100% correct in your post.

What I find truly despicable is the "do gooder" neighbor who instead of acting and going out and:

1) assessing the situation and maybe follow them at a safe distance since they seem to be completely in control of themselves; or

2) if they look disoriented and a little confused, offer to call their parents for them; or

3) if I was the police officer, I would follow the children from a safe distance, or, have a conversation with the "homeless man" and assess him.


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Do free-ranged children taste better than those raised in cages?


Depends on the marinade...

Mrs. Anon

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  • 7 months later...

A semi just decision for the free range children's parents:


So-called “free-range” parents Alexander and Danielle Meitiv, seen in May at their home in Silver Spring, Md., have been cleared after their latest investigation by Child Protective Services. (Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post)
By Donna St. George June 22

Maryland’s “free-range” parents have been cleared in the second of two neglect cases, closing a chapter in a public struggle with authorities that began after they allowed their two young children to walk home alone from a Silver Spring park.

Danielle Meitiv said she and her husband, Alexander, received the decision by letter from Child Protective Services on June 13 as they were about to leave for vacation.

“I’m just relieved to have these cases closed,” she said. “There’s more to do to make sure this doesn’t happen to other families, but for now we’re breathing easier.”

The Meitivs support a “free-range” style of parenting, which encourages childhood independence and exploration. They have allowed their children to gradually take longer walks together, and they have gone alone to parks, a library and a nearby 7-Eleven.

[“Free-range” flap fans the flames of nation debate]

The “free-range” movement was founded in 2008 by New York journalist Lenore Skenazy after she came under fire for allowing her 9-year-old son to ride the city’s subway alone.

These folks have become enrolled in stopping these marxists from thinking that they can get away with this crap.

After the latest CPS decision, Danielle Meitiv said she would like to be part of broader efforts to spur change in policy and practice. “I think there is more work to be done, and I plan to be involved in that,” she said.

She said she also wants to help shift the “fearful, anxious parenting culture” that leads to helicopter parenting.

Meitiv said the family has been heartened by the public outpouring they have received in letters, e-mails and on social media. “What kept us going was the support from all over the world,” she said.


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A few months after my seventh birthday I got on an airplane by myself and flew to Chicago where I transferred to a flight to Columbus. I was taken to the airport and got on a Lockheed 4-engine Connie. My first plane ride. In Chicago I was put on a DC-3. I believe Ayn Rand took her first plane ride in 1963 at the age of 58. I had flying lessons when I was 15-16. If they had child protective services in 1955 they would have swooped down on my brother and myself when our grandmother mistakenly put us on a train in Columbus to Boston when she should have sent us to New York City. Travellers Aid saved the day.

Country of wuzzies.


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