Liquid Story Binder for free

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Liquid Story Binder for free

I just came across a site called Windows Deal that provides promotional copies of software programs, full licences for free on up to small discounts.

Lots of writers use a program called Liquid Story Binder, which goes for about $50. The company is offering a full license with lifetime updates for free for the next two days. See the link below:

Liquid Story Binder XE (100% Discount)

Here's the normal site link: Liquid Story Binder XE by Black Obelisk Software

This is much more than a word processor. The outlines, storyboarding, mindmapping, timelines and so on make this a great program for writing large works. You can record audio of yourself reading passages and there is even an mp3 player so you can load up mood music for your writing sessions.

There is a learning curve, but fortunately, there are lots of tutorials and they are very easy to grok.

See here on the tutorials page.

I'm not an affiliate for this software and I gain nothing by recommending it. I just think the price is great for a wonderful little program and I want to share it with OL members who are interested in writing.

In fact, I just got it myself.

On another note, I also got a program for free there called Video to GIF Converter 5.1. There's only a day and a half left for this offer. This thing allows you to take a video, select a small section of it and make a short loop file in GIF format. It will play over and over nonstop. You sometimes see these loops as avatars on forums or social media sites, say a character in a famous movie being slapped and getting up, then being slapped and getting up and so on. The current offer does not come with updates, but I suspect this kind of technology will not change very much. And if I like using this a lot, I will end up buying a copy.


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