Valentine's Day, Internet Dating, Marriage and Math


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Great presentation...also very sensual woman to me...intelligent, funny and a redhead!

The video is in the first link.

Second is the transcript.


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Shared it with my wife… with whom I often argue in the face of global thermonuclear war… every day for 37 years (except for my mid-life crisis. My advice: buy a motorcycle it is easier on everyone.)

I am not understanding your post.


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How sweet!

Even the Eugenicists at the taxpayer supported Planned Parenthood Association [PPA] wishes that you get "covered" by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and that will be the best Valentine's Day gift you can give yourself.

Some health insurance plans include Planned Parenthood and some don’t. If you want Planned Parenthood as an option for care with your new insurance, look for a plan that includes us.

Oh my? How is this possible? You mean the euphemism of "O'bama Care" is permitting "War On Women" policies to be legally issued by Insurance Companies?



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