John Wayne Statue

Michael Stuart Kelly

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I know this is sappy, but I really, really like this statue. When I went with Kat to the TAS 2006 Summer Seminar this past July, I was delighted by running into this at the airport. I kept going back to look at it.


These images are on the Seeing-stars website here and here.

This bronze statue by Robert Summers is nine feet tall (read "larger than life") and was dedicated in 1982. You can read some information on its history and other details here. Also, if anybody is interested in knowing more about Robert Summers, here is a good article with a photo of him.


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My favorite John Wayne line is from True Grit. (I am going from memory right now from many moons ago, so I hope I got the details right.)

After JW tried to prohibit a girl from going with him to the badlands in search of a man (by tricking her), she jumped on her horse and plunged into a deep river to cross it. JW put his hands on his hips, looked on in admiration and said, "By God, she reminds me of me!"

I never forgot that moment. I still get a smile of joy remembering it.


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