***Updated tree of Porphyry that covers everthing***

Jacob Western

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Hi I'm way too optimistic considering my request in the post but I'm looking for a poster or a book/list that covers this. Also does anyone know the best graphical poster or mind map of History.

Thanks :smile:

By the way if you guys don't know about it there's a app called the brain http://www.thebrain.com/ one can use this as a visual reference for what they have learned. How fantastic!

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I'm starting to catch up on all kinds of old posts. I missed this one.

For your first request, simply do a Google search for the term in quotes, but click on the Images link: Tree of Porphyry

Try this for history: history infographic

That should keep you busy for a while.


I have futzed around with The Brain in the past and it's cool, but with the learning curve and cost, I went on to other shiny new objects out there in Internet-Land. :smile:

btw - Welcome to OL.


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