Fun with Ayn Rand and a Headline Generator

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Fun with Ayn Rand and a Headline Generator

I came across an automatic headline generator that the owner calls:

Portent's Content Idea Generator

If you are in the mood for a fun time-waster, give it a spin.

I did.

I plugged in the name, Ayn Rand, and got some cool results. I spun the tool a dozen times for this post and the results are below. But I admit. I played with it more than that.

How Ayn Rand Made Me a Better Person

How Did Ayn Rand Become the Best? Find Out.

How to Build an Empire with Ayn Rand

What Jezebel Should Write About Ayn Rand

How Ayn Rand Killed Kenny

Why Ayn Rand is the Key to Hillary 2016

What the World Would Be Like If Ayn Rand Didn't Exist

Why Ayn Rand Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

Why Ayn Rand is Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

The Insider's Guide to Ayn Rand

Why Ayn Rand is Scarier than Tyra Banks

True Facts About Justin Bieber's Love of Ayn Rand

Some of those headlines are quite funny.

But seriously, they could be good topics for articles, even the lame ones if you tweaked them.

For instance, instead of "True Facts About Justin Bieber's Love of Ayn Rand," it could be "True Facts About Paul Ryan's Love of Ayn Rand," or "True Facts About Mark Cuban's Love of Ayn Rand," or, hell, even "True Facts About My Love of Ayn Rand."

Also, you could insert a freak-villain from O-Land. :) That would not just be the obvious freak-villain (do I really need to say the name? :) ), but could also be a pariah creep like Lonnie Leonard (the sex offender therapist) and others weirdos, i.e., "True Facts About Lonnie Leonard's Love of Ayn Rand" and so on.

Change "love" to "hatred," "aversion," "embrace," "sudden adoption" and so on and you get other sets.

You can do similar substitutions for the other headlines, including the good ones.

Also, any noun can be plugged into this tool, not just Ayn Rand.

My evil brain already started thinking of words like "burping" and worse. ("How Burping Made Me a Better Person") :)

If you like Portent's Content Idea Generator, go for it and have fun.

And who knows, maybe write something.


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