President's Approval By Military Plummets...


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An article about why we dislike him and it doesn't mention a single reason why we actually dislike him. This article reads like a liberal hypothesis from someone who doesn't understand how a person wouldn't like their personal savior. How about losing a war that was already won in iraq? How about cutting our force down to pre ww2 levels? How about proposing cuts in benefits year after year? It's got nothing to do with dadt(no one cares), women in combat(people are split), or sexual assault(everyone wants it handled the right way). This article is garbage.

Read this article at your own

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Stupid article. Anyway, women shouldn't serve in ground combat units. Too much weight to lug around and it violates their biological role of staying home and having babies while the males fight and hunt. Ten men go to war and one comes back, he can keep the nine widows pregnant. More than that if need be. Israel's population is so small they need women fighters, but I doubt if they go around with 80 pounds of gear. In a broader sense, not having enough babies is turning Japan into an old folks' home. China's demographic problem will follow, not to mention Europe's. Men gave women washing machines. That's true liberation. They shouldn't have given them the vote. What women should do is not vote but tell their men if they don't vote how they want them to vote it's gonna be separate beds. That's the old-fashioned way. To hell with suffrage! (Rant, pant, rant, pant!) Now, about women going to college . . .


~gotta catch my breath~

(And my mind: where did it go? Help!)

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What is dadt?


Don't Ask Don't Tell -

1) The Don't Ask Don't Tell policy in the US military, in which homosexuality was to be overlooked as long as no one asked about it and it wasn't obvious or wasn't revealed in any manner. It was intended to give gay members of the military some freedom from persecution, but has, in practice, forced gay people into the closet when revealing their relationship or sexual orientation is cause for punishment.

2) A relationship structure in which a person who is partnered is permitted to have additional sexual or romantic relationships on the condition that his or her partner does not know anything about those additional relationships and does not meet any of those other people.

Commentary: Many people in the polyamorous community frown on DADT relationships, and choose not to become involved in such relationships. There are many dangers in such relationships, including: the idea that a person who claims to be involved in such a relationship may simply be cheating (as the relationship often provides no mechanism by which that person's partner may be contacted to confirm that the relationship permits other relationships); the fact that many people choose DADT relationships as a way of avoiding and not dealing with emotional issues such as jealousy; and the fact that DADT relationships are built on a foundation of lack of communication within the existing relationship.

No, honey, I'm not cheating, my wife and I have a DADT open marriage! You can trust me!

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