Texas Toast is an evil Conspiracy


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I hate thick slice bread, I hate it like poison (or like dirt, depending on your moral proclivities), and it is all you can buy in a cheap sliced loaf for under $2' what is the use of being 113 if you have to slice your own bread and damn near cut your thumbs off?

Even Wonder Bread used to be about 1/4" thick. Wasn't it? I refuse to flatten every slice with a rolling pin or pay more for Weight Watchers thin sliced when I do not need to lose weight.

this is the Staff of Life I am talking about. Powers that Be, keep your circuses and rightsize the bread,

Thank you.

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Ugh, ugh, squash with butter and garlic, you just made me think about it!

No Jonathan, I do not think I have the ability to hate any food more than squash unless it is turnip. With lumps. Oh, no....

Mmmmm! Squash and lumpy turnips on Texas Toast. Yummy!

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Actually, I meant Texas toast with butter and garlic, but I take my squash that way, too. :smile:

Butter and Garlic. Ambrosia of the Gods!!!!!!

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